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Farecrawler is a fraud. They quote you a really good price -- much better than you have seen on other sites. You "purchase" your ticket by transmitting your credit card number. Then you get an email saying that they need to do quality checks which will take some time. So the transaction is not completed. The next day you get an email that the Airline has increased its base price but that they can offer you another deal (which is still much more expensive than the price they quoted you).

This is a copy of the email that I received from Farecrawler

Subject line: Notification of Change in Fare, Taxes and Fees

This email is to inform you that the airline has increased the associated fare, taxes and fees on the flight you booked through before we were able to complete our standard quality process checks as outlined in your confirmation email. Before we can issue a ticket we process a couple of check including a matching of the credit card details that you provided to the data on record of the credit card issuer.

Although this happens rarely, airlines do sometimes change prices and taxes overnight and we are required to collect the additional taxes and fees from the traveler. The fare, taxes and fees for the flight(s) you reserved have increased to $ xxxx.

In order to continue with the issuance of your ticket(s), we need your written or verbal acceptance of the new amount within 24 hours. If we do not hear back from you in this timeframe, we assume that you don’t want the ticket at the higher rate and will therefore cancel your reservation. Your credit card will not be charged.

However we are able to offer you the following options please see the below itineraries and if you wish to continue please reply back to this email by selecting one of the options.

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  • Fa
      Aug 17, 2009

    Please allow me to comment to this post. Farecrawler inc. has been doing business as an Online Travel Agency since 2006 serving thousands and thousands of very satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in providing rock bottom airfares that we distribute on behalf of all major airlines. We act as travel agent for the airlines and we perform rigorous quality checks once we receive reservations from customers using out proprietary airfare search functions. Unfortunately airlines do change airfares overnight and it does happen in the rare occasion that the fare quoted on our website can not be honoured by those airlines by the time we perform our quality checks. This is not practise is not unique to our website and is something that many other prestigious Online travel Agencies do when processing international airline reservations on the web. While this is very rare circumstance we certainly appreciate that it is very unfortunate for our valued customers. We are working with our airlines partners to minimize these occasions and in the rare cases where we had to go back to our customers on behalf of the airlines which we represent to inform the travellers about the changed fares we guarantee that customer credit cards will only be charged once the customers accept the changes.
    Best regards
    Carren Rieger
    MD Farecrawler inc

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  • Ma
      Nov 25, 2009

    We had an unsatisfactory experience with Farecrawler on 11/23/09. We were trying to book travel for us from the East Coast to Europe during the upcoming Holidays. After entering all of the information and checking apprpriate boxes, etc. I hit the "Submit" buttn, only to get back a message that the system was unable to process our request at this time. We tried this four times with the same result. I called your Customer Service number and could not get a live human. The voice mail system asked me to leave a phone number to call us back. No one ever called. We tried to call again yesterday (11/24). Still no luck.

    Just so you know, you have lost our business and bought our tickets (totalling over $3, 000) from a competitor.

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  • Ch
      Nov 28, 2009

    be aware of the FARECRAWLER, its also run by a name WHEN TO FLY, there are same. on 11/25/09. try to book a trip to Europe, quote was $ 795.88 . After fill in all the infor in appropriate boxes, and hit the submit button and re submit third time later, got a message ticket is confirm. Problem was the final booking date, time and flight number was for much later date. Total price is $1245.88. check on my email it will take 24hours finalized the reservation. call the customer service no answer left a lenghty massege, you can not sent them email, don't work. finally on friday 11/27/09 Francis Corado from LA, respond to my voice mail that reservation been cancel, so this is the game WHENTOFLY / FARECRAWLER playing to wasted 2 full day, and time spend calling credit card company.

    So final thoughts is to Whentofly/farecrawler, don't play this stupid game, bad economy don't mean you can go on scamming spree.

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  • Di
      Jan 08, 2010

    I purchased 3 tickets to the Ukraine using the whentofly site months ago. Our flight was to leave in 5 days. I decided to double-check to make sure that everything was in order and sure enough we were screwed. The only reservation that existed was the last segment of 6 of the segments we would need to fly to get there and back. Our trip is ruined and THEY WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE NOR RETURN PHONE CALLS!!!

    Fraudulent company.

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  • To
      Feb 22, 2010

    I use WHEN TO FLY on Feb 1 for a trip to London. The total on there site was $1, 954.26 for me and my son. They billed me the very next day for $2867.45. No calls or emails were ever answered until amost 3 weeks later saying that I was never bill that much my bank made an error. These SOB took my money with no refund. By the way to Farecrawler where are all the posting of your thousands and thousands of very satisfied customers?? You Bunch of Fraudulent ###.

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  • Js
      Jun 15, 2011

    This is a website devoted to complaints. Of course there are no favorable reviews here. Just like most of the reviews and evaluations available on-line, only negative comments make it to the forefront helping to make the internet a cesspool of negativity. In contrast to others who took to the time to complain about, I had an excellent experience with purchasing airline tickets in 2009. I purchased 2 round trip tickets from PIT to FCO Rome in March 2009 for travel the following June. I completed the transaction on a Friday evening, called the nearest office for Picasso Travel to my home on Monday afternoon and was told everything was set. For $289 (no kidding) per ticket it was well worth the unconventional method they used to sell air tickets on-line. The price was so low I thought that the airline (Alitalia) would not accept our tickets. They did. I even reserved our seats online with the airline a month before our departure date.

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  • Te
      Jan 21, 2012

    I might be wrong but i feel name of company has been changed. its very easy to cheat people and then change name to hide identity i guess
    read more info on WebJet' site.

    again, i might be wrong

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