Famous Hair #61164 in Fuquay-Varina NC / Bad Manager/ Employees being fired for no reason.

1 FuquayVarina, NC, United States

I am a former employee of this salon and I was fired for a reason that was not my fault. I was going a highlight service for a woman in her late 60's. The lady refused to allow me to shampoo her out on time and would not let me shampoo her out until an hr and a half later after the product had been sitting on her hair and after me asking her over 30 times to allow me to shampoo it out. Of course the ladies hair did not turn out right because of her many refussals to allow me to shampoo it out. I told the lady I would right down the product I used and what had happend and call my manager immediately that day to tell her what had happened. Which I did call my manager not even a minute after the lady had left and told my manager what happened and what product I used, my manager then told me to write a client report put the date, product, time, and state that the lady had refused to allow me to shampoo her out on time, she also told me to sign it along with any witnesses in the salon at the time and that I would not get into any trouble if the lady was to call corporate office because I had called immediately and told my manager what had happened. So I did exactly like my manager had asked and signed it along with the other coworker I was working with at the time. I then placed the information on my managers station and put a yellow sticky note on it stating attn:******** for the manager to see. I had worked the following day mostly by myself and the corporate manager had came in and was giving me compliments on how good of a job I was doing and congratulating me for bringing in clientle for the salon. After finishing up my day with no complaints whatsoever from the clients who had came in I closed up salon and prepared myself for my day off which was on friday. Saturday I came into the salon to clock in and the manager told me not to clock in that she needed to talk to me so we went into the break room and there I was told that the lady had called and complained about her hair and that I was being fired because of it. I was also forced to sign a paper stating that "I did not follow manufactures instructions on the product that I used and that I was informed not to use the product by my manager." (I never did get told by the manager never to use the product and I went step for step exactly how the product instructions said to use the product.) The paper had also stated that "I did not follow the clients request and that I never listened to anything the client had said." (This was also a lie, I kept repeating everything the client said to me back to the client to make sure the client was happy and getting what she had requested.) It was NOT my fault that the clients hair did not turn out right because she kept refusing to listen to me when I asked her politely to step to the shampoo bowl so I could shampoo her out on time. Along with going through that experience I have witnessed days where the manager of the salon would take money out of the register to go and grab her some lunch then after she would close the salon herself that day she would turn around the next morning and call the other coworkers and tell them that the drawer came up $25 or more short and that they would have to replace the missing money. The manager would also edit time into the the computer to have it show as if she had worked on days where she hadn't even came into the salon. She also would go into the computer and if she noticed she was close to coming into commission for the pay period she would take services from the other coworkers and act as if she had did a redo service to get credit for color, perm, product sale services to be able to get commision. I along with the other coworker working there brought the subjects up to the corporate manager one day while the manager of the salon was not there, but the corporate manager said there was no way the manager could have been doing those things even though I along with the other coworker had proof. There are five days in a row where I know for a fact the manager did not work which would have been on 3/22, 3/25, 3/28, 3/29.3/31, and 4/1(this day was the day I was fired and she had worked for 3hrs before leaving to do her neices hair for the prom, I know because she had told me a few days before I was fired to come in and work for her that day because she needed to do her nieces hair and when I left that morning she left behind me with products and tools from the salon to go and do her nieces hair.) The manager would also talk badly about clients who came into the salon calling some of them snoody and other names. She also would call her oldest employee slow and blind and say that she was losing her mind. I feel that someone needs to check into that salon and that employees should not get fired for things that weren't their fault, and when things are brought up to the corporate managers attention by several employees that the corporate manager should look into things instead of blowing things off!!!

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