Family Equine of Central New York / False Advertising AGAIN

November 24, 2008: True to form Robert and Lorraine Aichele owners of Family Equine are FALSE ADVERTISING one of their 4-Sale horses AGAIN on their website.

Their AD states: "Blue is a 16 yr. old AQHA gelding from Cheyenne Wyoming, branded and a good working ranch horse. He is registered gray, stands 14 hands and is foundation bred. He goes back to Peppy San Badger and King, looks and acts it! He has a GOOD REIN, is SOUND, good for the farrier and vet, utd on shots and coggins, and has been working for us here in SUMMER CAMPS and LESSONS. Blue qualified for State Fair. He has also done MOUNTED SECURITY. He can be roped off and will also work a cow. He does not have a big motor however. $2100

Notanglo Trouble AKA BLUE was purchased by a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL and his family 2 months ago. The horse was NOT sound and went completely psycho and was very UNSAFE for ANYONE to ride let alone a CHILD. The customers returned him promptly to Family Equine. Robert and Lorraine Aichele are now advertising him for sale again and their advertisement on this horse is totally FALSE and MISLEADING. What they fail to mention is that this horse had been sold AND returned to them because he was unsafe to ride as well as lame. They have now RE-LISTED this horse using the EXACT same Ad they posted of him when the other customers bought him to include the SAME pictures.

Lorraine and Robert - you do realize that this falls under False and Misleading Advertising NYS Penal Code Article 190.20 don't you?

What will it take for you two to advertise your horses honestly? Why do you keep on breaking the law? Maybe the AG should get the story on this one, as well!


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