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FAMILY EQUINE HORSE DEALERS EXPOSED! / Unprofessional conduct by a business towards their customers

1 Groton, NY, United States Review updated:
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Below is an EMAIL that HORSE DEALERS Family Equine of Central NY sent out to their “circle of friends“ and/or "customers". After they were EXPOSED for sending it out, they then sent out a "Damage Control" email to the same people. I also received a couple of very NASTY email letters from Mrs. Aichele through the Complaint Board. Those letters are posted for everyones reading pleasure too.

Lorraine and Robert Aichele own Family Equine Services of NY. This is a business that shows no respect towards their very own customers or the horses that have supported them financially.
They earn their bread and butter by selling horses to equine enthusiasts. Instead of appreciating the fact that these beautiful animals and their very own customers have kept a roof over their head and paid their bills, clothed and put food on their table, Robert and Lorraine Aichele make fun of them in an email they sent out. They make fun of the 100’s of horses they trucked from the out of state auctions over the years, which were jam packed together in livestock trailer like sardines.

It’s a fact…Family Equine Horse Dealers Lorraine and Robert Aichele buy horses from auctions throughout the United States for re-sale to make money. Its always been about the money and will always be about the money- not the customers and never the horses. The emails that they have been sending out exposes their "lowly character" and severe lack of "ethics, morals and respect" towards their customers as well as the horses they sell.

Not only do they poke fun at the customers who bought horses from them and who have supported them financially over the years, they mock the horses as well. Robert and Lorraine Aichele buy horses at the MOST deplorable auctions cheap in the U.S. to RE-SELL to the general public. They post false and misleading advertising on the internet swaying customers to buy “healthy“, “sound“, “dead broke”, “child safe” “trail and road safe” horses which have proven to be anything but. They have had a bad reputation for years in and around Groton, NY by “word of mouth”.

Both of their Email letters admit to the quality of horses that they buy for Re-sale as Lorraine Acheilestates “actually we get these terms quite often on horses we purchase...sorry if they offended anyone, we hear a lot of this stuff everyday, especailly when we buy!”

When THEY buy for RE-Sale to their customers. How lovely.

I cannot imagine any business who would back-stab their own customers and ADMIT to the poor quality and misrepresentation of the merchandise that they sell to people. This is in their OWN words people. They have the gall to post Bible scripture on their website, and in the next breath Sock-It-To their customers and the horses that have SUPPORTED them financially for years.

When the Aicheles got wind that their Email was sent out to the wrong people, they tried to do “Damage Control” by sending out ANOTHER Email- posted below this at the end of this complaint and blaming the “Leak” of their Email on an obvious “Snake in the Woodpile”.
How pathetic.
Email Robert & Lorraine Aichele emailed to their "friends" and "customers":

-----Original Message-----
From: robert aichele <>
(All third-party emails X’d out for privacy)
Sent: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 4:47 am
Subject: FW: NEW Horse Trading Terms

leave it to CJ to finally break this all down.


Subject: NEW Horse Trading Terms
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 14:10:38 -0500
Big Trot: can't canter within a 2 mile straightaway
Nicely Started: we can lounge him, but we don't have enough insurance to ride him yet
Top Show Horse: won a reserve championship 5 years ago at a show with unusual low entries due to a hurricane
Home Bred: knows nothing except being raised on the front porch
Recently Vetted: someone else found something badly wrong with the horse
Big Boned: good thing horse has mane & tail or he would be mistaken for a cow
Doing Courses: when tranqualized to the eyeballs & lunged 6 hrs straight before hand
Well Mannered: hasn't stepped on, bitten, or kicked anyone for a week
Professionally Trained: hasn't stepped, bitten, or kicked anyone for a month
Should Mature 16 hands: currently 13h, dam is 14.3hh, sire is 15hh, every horse in pedigree back 18 generations is under 15h but this horse will definitely defy his DNA
To Good Home Only: not really for sale unless you can 1) pay twice what he is worth, 2) allow current owner to tuck in beddy - bye every night, 3) are willing to sign a 10 page legal document
Bold: runaway
Athletic: He's a runaway, but he looks good doing it
Needs intermediate Rider: runaway
Needs Experienced Rider: "dead" runaway
Dead Quiet: just dead
Started O/F: Started overfeeding because we can't ride
No Vices: especially when he wears his muzzle
Light Cribber: we can't afford to build any more barns & fences for the buzz saw
No Time For Him: he's lucky to be fed
Excellent Disposition: never been out of his stall
Clips, hauls, and Loads: Clippity, clippity is the sound his hooves make when he hauls a$$ across the parking lot when you try to load him
Great Halter Prospect: Bred for beauty, not for brains

Selling due to divorce: My spouse certaintly couldn't stand him...
Bomb Proof: So dumb you could set off a bomb under his tail and he wouldn't blink.
Good Mother: She's too dumb to do anything else.
He Can Do It All: bite, kick, buck, rear...
Flasy: nice looking... forget about him being rideable
Stunning: you'll be stunned at his kicking power
Very Brave: even a whip can't force him back
Slight Case Of Navicular: better buy him before he's too lame to walk
Proven Sire: The mare we bred him to had a baby
Lots of Potential: Under the right circumstances, you migh be able to ride him
Great Bloodlines: He can't do anything, but that's okay becuase some horse 20 generations back did something
Already Broke: two fences, one arm, six buckets
Got Cow Sense: he'll attack any cattle within a 5-mile radius
Unregistered: probably stolen
Protective Mother: don't even think about going near the foal
Lady's Horse: Perfectly sweet with women, but will kill men
Good Disposition: The only good thing about him
Selling Due to Retirement: he's making us old
Started Good: we quit while we were ahead
Started: we quit while we were still alive
Loud Color: we spray painted him bright red
Really Broke: literally
Slight Nervouse Habit: he shakes and has muscles ticks anytime anyone asks him to think
Great Stud: breeding is the only thing he's good at
Anyone Can Ride: as long as they have the right protective gear, they will survive
Smooth: you won't notice he's bucking until you're on the ground!
Event Prospect: Big, Fast Horse
Dressage Prospect: Big, Slow Horse
Hack Prospect: Pretty Color
Sporting Prospect: Short, Fast Horse
Camp Prospect: Fast Horse which can turn
Endurance Prospect: Fast Horse which will turn sometimes
Flashy: White Socks
Attractive: Bay
15.2hh: 14.3hh
16.2hh: 15.3hh
To Loving Home Only: Expensive
To Show Home Only: Very Expensive
Needs Experienced Rider: Potentially Lethal
Elegant: Thin
In Good Condition: Foundered
Free Moving: Bolts
Quiet: Lame in Both Front Legs
Dead Quiet: Lame in All Four Legs
Good in Traffic (Bombproof): Lame all Round, Deaf and Blind
Loves Children: Kicks and Bites
Pony Type: Small and Hairy
Arab Type:Looks startled
TB Type: Looks Terrified
Quarter Horse Type: Chunky
Halter Horse Type: Fat
Warmblood Type: Big and Hairy
Draught Type: Big and Exceedingly Hairy
Easy to Catch: Very Old
Must Sell: Wife has left home and taking kids
All Offers Considered: I am in Traction for 6 months
Good Jumper prospect: Looks great jumping over the pasture fence, if you can ever catch'im, you might just have yourself a great jumper!
C.J. Oakwood - B.S. R.A.S.
CattleCo Marketing and Promotions
7397 E. 1500 N. Rd
Oakwood, IL. 61858
cell [protected]
office [protected] (late evening calls welcome)


our previous email‏
From: robert aichele ( Sent: Tue 3/18/08 8:13 PM
To: XXXX (third party email addresses blocked for privacy)

Well we sent around some horse traders terms that we honestly felt were a real joke. We thought, so far two people have put lovely remarks on that complaints board about this. Come on folks, this was simply a joke, actually we get these terms quite often on horses we purchase...sorry if they offended anyone, we hear alot of this stuff everyday, especailly when we buy!

And if you do not want to receive emails from us, say so. We honestly felt that everyone we emailed were friends or customers. Obvioisly there is a snake in the woodpile.

Personally, Robert and I have had enough of these nuts! We are simply selling horses as we know about them, these on going attacks are getting old.

R0bert and I will continue to sell horses as best we can, on our small farm, with stalls for everyone and shelter for everyone and yes even some junk around, I guess. Sorry we are human. We also work full time at real jobs and frankly these crazy people that have complained about everything from our website to our farm should take a good look at themselves and back off.


*****Now here's a letter that I received from Lorraine through the Complaint Board:

To: (3rd Party email blocked for privacy)
Subject: expose
From: <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:16:07 -0700

E-Mail from "Lorraine" to "Whistle Blower" (
Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:16:07 -0700
You are exposed you have misrepresented yourself to us, that is a lie! right???? I will continue to sell horses, pathetic you are, put this up and personally You will be living in hell, as you obviously are not a christian nor do you believe in dong anything good for anyone, just attacking anyone. Try working on the war in IRAQ or helping someone instead of EXPOSING people. You disgust me toally., as well as your circle of frieinds. It is our consitutional right to carry out any business that is legal we chose. You cannot stop us!



Subject: your email
From: "" <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:11:46 -0700

E-Mail from "Lorraine" to "Whistle Blower" (

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:11:46 -0700

actually i work full time as well as robert, we sell horses part time which certainlly does not put a roof over my head, my job does, and it is a good one. why don't you call and discuss all your problems with us if you have so many. You know nothing about us and don't have the guts to even sign your name. Get a life! Be real, if you have a problem, step up and solve it. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem...

****SO there you have it. All of the emails that Lorraine and Robert Aichele send out should give everyone a gist of the kind of people they are. Lorraine writes that they only sell horses “part time” and that the money they make off a horse or some poor soul does NOT pay their bills and help to keep a roof over their head. These people have sold 100’s of horses over the years. So what did they do with the money they made from the sale of horses- BURNED IT ALL?

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  • Ke
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    I'm still a non buyer but must have really pushed Lorraine's buttons 'cause I received a rambling, hostile email from her, in response to my earlier, somewhat innocuous post under the Straight from the horses mouth thread from March. So if anyone would like to see the garbage she spews, email me & I'll forward it to you.

    In the meantime, if you have a legitimate complaint with them (which I don't), you can contact the Better Business Bureau at this website:

    1 complaint has already been filled against them.

  • No
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    oh my i know lorraine and bob personly there nice to everyone, including the horses you people who are writing crap need to get a life, get ajob, find a hobby, you know what i dont care go stick your head in a toilet for all i care but leave them alone you have no right at all to spread rumors. YOU ARE PEETY

    and this is coming from teenager


  • Sh
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    When Family Equine cannot sell a horse they take them to the New Holland, PA auction and sell them there. As most horse people know, New Holland is one of the most horrific auctions in the United States. They are notorious for having many kill buyers there buying horses for slaughter. After the Aicheles have sold the horse at auction, they post that the horse has been SOLD on their website to a customer. Yes, a customer at the New Holland Auction.
    The 3 year old black pony named King Mosey Lena was bought by the Aicheles at the PA auction recently. The Aicheles tried to sell him for about $3, 000 and he was not trained to ride yet. They dropped the price to about half that at $1500. When he failed to sell he disappeared off their website this past week.
    They sold him at the PA auction. I HEARD from a good source that they sold Roman Girl there too. She was the mare they wrote on their website and others that they rehabilitated her for 6 long months and were only asking about $500 for her. The Aicheles are not into spending money on rehabbing horses. Trust me. They don't spend money on caring for their own horses such as vaccinations or worming. Matter of fact, they try to get out of paying for hay with Lorraine saying she doesn't have to pay because they are non-profit. They rip everyone off. Thats why their reputation is so bad.
    These people are a trip.

  • Ha
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    Actually, I have sold them Hay before...THEY DO PAY and are great customers, always pay up front and have never asked me to give it to them for free, that is just simply something they would not I have no idea where Andrea got that from...

  • Sh
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    I got it from the hay person they never paid. Maybe he will hop on here and vent about the money they have owed him. The Aicheles also ask for donations of items with a monetary value for their non-profit organization, Patchwork Therapeutic Riding Center. People have donated saddles, bridles, halters, bridles, etc. AND horses and the Aicheles then sell the items at tack sales and auctions and pocket the money. What a racket. A Dr donated an elderly horse for their riding program at Patchwork and they turned around and sold it at the New Holland, PA auction or Unadilia, can't recall. Everyone in Groton knows that story.

  • No
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    Have you ever met a honest horse dealer? I haven't and I have been riding for 22 years and showing for 20 of that.

  • Ca
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    NEW Horse Trading Terms

    Apparently, not many people on this board watch "blue collar comedy"? I suppose "You might be a redneck jokes are not funny?

    Some folks need to lighten up and get a life!

  • Sh
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    CJ OAKWOOD- YOU need to get a life. I would LOVE to go toe to toe with YOU. Your rantings and ravings are posted all over the internet on your SUPPORT of horse slaughter and how horsemeat should be sold in grocery stores. SICK! How much money have you made selling horses by the pound for slaughter over the past 30 years? They have supported your ### financially for years - like the Aicheles- and you make fun of the horses that have died on YOUR behalf. Its ALL about the almighty dollar for you and your "friends" Robert and Lorraine Aichele. Blood money. How low will a person go? Obviously, pretty low- "class" that is. Wait until law is passed and horses can no longer be transported out of the country to Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered anymore. Your GRAVY TRAIN will be over ! I took a look at your website and see you're a home-style PUPPY MILL too.

  • An
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    What a bunch of lies, rumors and garbage! All of this stuff being said about these people is not true and you all know it. You are all just a bunch of vindictive spoiled brats who get their jollies causeing trouble all the time. I bet you do the same things to other people and businesses. You got nothing better to do except make life miserable for others. Do you all honestly think other people reading this stuff are going to believe it? And as far as where they purchase horses, where they sell them, i dont believe it is anyones business but theirs. They have the right to buy and sell them wherever they want. I am glad there are people like them to buy some of the good horses from the sales as then they have a chance at a home. I dont understand why if youre against slaughter, then also against people who try to rehome the horses in good homes rather than letting them be sold for slaughter. You all dont make sense to me. This is all malicious gossip!

  • Sh
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Yes, 99% of everyone who reads our complaints and comments believes it because the proof we have doesn't lie. And no, I have never complained against a business before because we only deal with reputable class act business owners. Something your friends are not. They will say and post anything to sell a horse. I am counting the HOURS when I send all of my evidence to the Attorney Generals Office for INTERNET FRAUD. It will be on record forever. There are others who are sending their information too. Who knows? Maybe I ll get some $$$$ back. Who cares? I don't. People like you and your circle of friends never get far in life. You reap what you sow. Are you on the sowing end or the reaping end right at this moment? You are all such a miserable angry bunch of people. What a horrible way to live.

  • An
      1st of May, 2008
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    Well, thats about the kind of reply id expect to get from any of you! As far as who my friends are, how would you know who they are? You dont know me and i dont know you and im glad of that! And, ill tell you another thing, i actually did get far in life cause im very well to do. I have a beautiful home, a really nice stable and 4 beautiful horses of which are all trained to ride and very safe and they were purchased from local dealers. One of them is from Family Equine and i wouldnt even dream of giving him up! He is a wonderful, sweet loving horse that anyone can ride. And yes, ive even had little kids ride him all alone, plus my sons girlfriend rode him alone and she has never been on a horse in her life! And ive owned him since 2004! And all this crap about the auctions is sick. I would buy a horse from an auction in a heartbeat if it meant that a good horse could be saved from going to slaughter. And as far as the slaughter buyers go, i am so glad that they take the time and trouble to at least try to find homes for the horses they get that do ride as they all deserve homes too! Perhaps, you would rather see the good horses at the auctions be sold for slaughter instead of being bought for resale? I am glad that there are people who do try to resell them to good homes. What have you done to help an auction horse or to save them from slaughter?

  • Sh
      1st of May, 2008
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    You wrote " And as far as the slaughter buyers go, i am so glad that they take the time and trouble to at least try to find homes for the horses they get that do ride as they all deserve homes too!" And your reply is expected from an "associate" of the Aicheles.
    Kill buyers don't buy horses from auctions to try and find good homes for them. They buy them by the pound and sell them for slaughter. Unless of course they are the Aicheles who buy horses from the most deplorable auctions in the US for cheap. Then they haul them back to NYS within hours, offer them for sale cheap within days of their arrival for a quick turn-around-profit. When they fail to sell, even after dropping their prices, they haul them right on back to the New Holland, PA horse auction- not caring if they were sold to kill buyers for slaughters. You sign your name ANON. Is that because you can't spell the word "anonymous "?
    I'll tell you what I have done to help an auction horse... I bought McGoo from the Aicheles who bought him from an auction- yet told me BOB drove and bought him DIRECTLY from a "well known" horse trainer in South Dakota which was a LIE. I had to REHAB him from all the abuse and neglect he suffered while in their "care".
    Horse lovers don't buy from the lowly auctions the Aichelels do because that only keeps them in the meat selling business. As an advocate for animals, I encourage people to ADOPT pets from the humane society or county run shelters to save millions of animals yearly from euthanasia, an epidemic in our country, instead of buying from private breeders (puppy mills as an example). If a person is going to buy a horse from an equine establishment, it should be a well known one and respected in the industry with references on hand. I should have done my homework on Family Equine before purchasing a horse from the Aicheles. They stand for EVERYTHING that I am against with regards to animal exploitation and killing. Their God Bless this and that, Bible scriptures they posted, and "we are Christians" sucked me in.

  • An
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    You all need to grow up and realize that if you read it on the Internet it doesn't mean it's true. Many of you know nothing or very little about horses, therefore who the hell do you think you are telling people how to train them. Aichele sales of CNY are a business. If you don't know what that means, look it up i am sure it’s on the Internet, if you haven't found it already. Robert and Lorraine Aichele buy these horses from large sales all around the U.S, many of them in fact are horses they have rescued from slaughterhouses! If you do know these human beings personally then you have no business convening in their daily lives. If I know anyone in the world that tells the truth to someone’s face whether it is harsh or not, it is Robert and Lorraine. I am disgusted towards any of you that believe any of the lies posted on this Internet. In closing, all I have to say to EVERYONE OF YOU is that you can't just go around messing with peoples lives and if you do you have to be more immature than the person who started this bull ### in the first place!
    Grow the ### up!

  • An
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    *if you DON'T know these human beings personally...

    and by the way don't even bother writing back to me, because personally I don't give a ### what any of you have to say. Sorry... But it's true, eventhough I know many of you will try to accuse me of the statement being false.

  • Sh
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    You said: " Robert and Lorraine Aichele buy these horses from large sales all around the U.S "
    Thank you, thank you, thank you ... for letting everyone know what liars and cons Robert & Lorraine Aichele have been for SO long until I and so many others FINALLY EXPOSED them.
    The Aicheles advertised for over 7 years that they bought all of their SALES horses from private owners or hand picked them right off a cattle ranch.
    They lied to me from DAY 1- telling me they bought my horse directly off a private seller's ranch in South Dakota- only for me to find out they bought him at an AUCTION.
    All of the advertisements they placed ON THE INTERNET - that THEY WROTE AND POSTED- All LIED and said they bought my horse directly from a well known horse trainer - Terry Moody.
    They also EMAILED ME - full of all their lies and ###. I have a 45 Minute TAPE RECORDED Conversation with Robert Aichele LYING ASSING over and over that he bought my horse right off a cattle ranch. Not only did that conman deliver me a 100 lb underweight, anemic, and dehydrated just turned 4 year old, covered in scars, wounds, swollen knees, an injured head, and a hoof so long it curled upwards, with feet that turn outward like Charlie Chaplin because of the tie down they used on him when they rode him into the ground - he delivered me a horse that was ARENA TRAINED ONLY- not a dead broke bomb proof trail and road safe horse he advertised and I bought sight unseen. Don't believe me? Then get onto my website where I have posted EVERYTHING for the entire universe to see.
    Obviously, the Aicheles must have been ASHAMED to let potential customers know where they bought their horses for re-sale- so they LIED. They also posted on their website that ROBERT was a horse trainer and trained with methods similar to Frank Bell and Monty Roberts. IN HIS DREAMS. He is a major wannabe. Still don't believe me? How about you EMAIL me and I send you every ### bit of evidence I have- to include the Credit Card Dispute I filed against them. I will be more than happy to let you see how big they are into using WHITE OUT on documents they submitted to the CC company.
    Now I've read that the disabled riding center they have operated for years on end doesn't even have hot water or a public restroom. Maybe the DOH should take a look around to make sure the outhouse or the portapotty on their property is not hazardous to anyone's health who uses it. If a NFP agency gets funding from the State to operate a riding center for handicapped persons, then it better be a clean environement. One phone call to the DOH so keep it up. I closed down an entire restaurant franchise with ONLY ONE PHONE CALL.

  • Sh
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    my website:

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