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Family Dollar Stores / saga over advertised a clear shelf promotion not honored

1 Louisville, AL, United States
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Oct 15, 2018 for their Poplar Level Rd location. Boy what a visit!

On the shelf was a tag offering with 'smart coupon' for splashless or other forms of Clorox, for up to 128 oz. size for under $3, which was a pretty good deal. I bring the item and he says I need the app and my # registered for discount.

So I get him to ring up the rest and I said I go to my car and do all of that saga to
get that price. I get out to my car took all the effort to download the app and I search thru like a 1, 000 items in various ways. Nothing there. But made sure my phone # is registered.

I now comeback with that all done with the item. The clerk says well it should drop the price when he subtotals. Nope still rings as about $4! Lovely.

We go around and around on it and getting no place. Now manager becomes involved. The manager gives me this look that she DID NOT believe me whatsoever. We go back TOGETHER to that very shelf and she can now see the tag. She continues, continues to look. She eventually says "oh that's expired" and rips the tag off the shelf and no big deal to her! But that's the store fault, where's ANY thought of honoring what the shelf price had indicated and their mistake???

I dealt with this matter for over 30 min (I had to get back into large lines repeatedly) and walk away with nothing. Not great.

Additionally, from my previous purchase before the app downloading ordeal I had a clearance item that was marked HALF-OFF and rang up as full price. They then had to go thru an ordeal to refund the item and resell it which took another 10 min. I then had ZERO apology or offer that I should be given that for free on their mistake yet again.

What a ripoff!

  • Updated by dalfan, Oct 22, 2018

    Oh this was a store in Louisville, KY, not Alabama... FYI.

Oct 22, 2018

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