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i went to pick up my hours for the up incoming week and it was like i was being told your fired again .She all ready had this planned to cut my hours so low till i just give up.My hours was cut to 3 hours to give the other part time and full time workers more overtime.My god sister was in the store when she was talking about it to another employee.I did not get terminated because of Sonya the store manger lies.Then get hired back to work for nothing because that is what 3 hours aint worth the time .How is 3 hours going to help me pay my bills?Buy me food to eat, Pay my medical bills?There is only going to be enough money left to buy my smokes.

Mar 12, 2016
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      Mar 12, 2016

    I have been threaten by my old district manger Jackie, i was working and the new store manger came in and snatched my work that i was doing out of my hands.She told you don, t do nothing in this store unless i tell you.We was suppose to be going by the other manger Brenda hours she had down for us..Sonya was not suppose to touch anybody hours or make another schedule to the week was over with .But thats Family Dollars for you they see what they want to see, they never do what they tell you they going to do.The manger Sonya has threaten me by telling me that if i brought my phone to work she was going to fire me, she threaten me because i would catch thieves but no all she said she was worried about was the front of the store, Medical Neglect -i told her more than 10 times that i had loss my memory and was still getting treated for it .but she said she did not care and i better get my pin for the portal.She told me that for about a week then don, t come back to work till i have my pin.What she did not bother to tell me was that she could have went on the computer and help me either get my pin or make a new one;

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