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Su Mar 30, 2016 Fultondale, AL Review updated:

I have already put in one complaint about this dentist now I am say that I got a phone call from the office today to tell me that my credit card had took back the money I had paid them$581.50 . And since it was stopped that I owed them 454.00 I ask why and they said this was for the extraction of the 6 teeth we pulled. I ask how to it go from the higher amount to now this lower amount . Really didn't have an answer so I was suppose to go in to get them adjusted but after I got in the office I ask the girl that had given me the price what happened she said I quote " you misunderstood me " I showed her the bill that she had given me in the office before anything was done and she said oh no that was for the extractions !!!Then she went running to the back well instead of standing there being lied to anymore I had the partial in a cup because they had been killing me I just laid the cup with the partial on the counter took a pic with my phone with a receptionist sitting there along with a pic of the bill with my name and the dentist office and I just walked out the door . I have turned in a complaint with Signa Health Springs along with the credit card company but I will not hear anything for at least 30 days so until them I am sitting here with no bottom teeth !!! I just didn't know what else to do. I feel like I was ripped off by this dentist office and I want my money put back into my delta dental insurance company account .

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  • Su
      May 03, 2016

    Well I got a letter yesterday may 2nd tell me that I had till april 4th to submit another complaint about my money being given back to the dentist !! I called The credit card company and they told me they were sending me a link on my computer so I could resend all the copies of the two bills I got well I checked my mail and there is nothing from Capital one !! I am so upset over all this its not even funny. Still can't eat with these teeth they don't fit !! I am at the end of my rope fighting over this . I was told by Cigna Health Springs Friday that they came to a conclusion that I owe this dentist the money now I have a third bill !! Now she says I owe her 450 for co pay 48 for the gas she put on my nose which I told her I did not want it but she put it on my nose anyway plus 120 for something else plus 195 for something else what I don't know !! so that total came to 499 !! This is unbelievable !!! All I can say is this dentist needs to be reported !! To who I don't know but one way or the other I am going to get my money back!!

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