Fallsview Waterpark/Adventure Land / Insulted and total crap!

My cousin and I decided last year to save for a trip to Niagara Falls for ourselves and children. We purchased tickets through Costco for the waterpark as it gave a good discount. We arrived and waited in line for a while. An employee came over to us and announced there was a system issue and we would be unable to enter the park. We were obviously less then impressed as our children were extremely upset. They offered us complimentary passes to Adventureland downstairs and free mini putting. We made sure they knew we were still not happy because we had to take another day off of work and pay for another night. We went down and lined up for the tickets for the mini putt, the teenager working did not give us the correct amount of tickets. So we approached her again, and when we informed her of her mistake she called us a liar and said to her co-worker, "we have a scam going on here" are you kidding me??? We were disgusted by her comments and demanded to see the manager. Darla B. was the ray of sunshine on shift that day. She really didn't seem surprised by our complaint, but didn't want to do anything about it either. We asked her to check the camera so she could see that only one strip of tickets was handed to us. She rolled her eyes and walked away. She came back awhile later and said she didn't appreciate our attitudes in her place of work?!?!? Huh?? She then proceeded to tell us that she didn't like how we called her employee a lowlife???? We informed her we called her nothing, but were instead called liars, and a thief and scammers.. again she blew it off. She said the girl gave us the correct amount of tickets as per video surveillance. Naturally, I asked to see that. Shocking as it was, she said no. lol. We told her we would take this further, she laughed and said ok. What kind of customer service is that????? Especially in a tourist town. We were unable to get back into the waterpark that day. We went the following day and within 5 mins of us being inside, they announced they were closing most slides, the wave pool, and hot tub. All that was open was the kiddie bucket area. We were beyond angry. Unfortunately since I had purchased the tickets online, I was unable to get a refund. So there was 300.00 spent for nothing. In the end, we spent way more money, got nothing for it, but some personal insults from employee's. Such a disappointing trip, considering that was our only one for the year.

Mar 15, 2013

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