fakeidpro/idmaster.comtardy on my order

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Id like to start off saying I had placed an order from these guys on Tuesday the 9th, and its now Saturday the 20th, and I havent seen or heard anything about my order. I was just wanting to know if any one of you guys have had any dealings with them and can they be trusted. You know Im a cool, calm, and collected kind of guy, but if theres one thing in this world that I ve never put up with, is somone trying to play me for stupid. I believe in, if you pay someone your heard earned monies like $69 ###ing dollars in an international money order, and put your trust in a so called establishment, that states they can provide you with everything you need, and that your order should be @ your door in a timespan fromwhen you mailed your order off (2-6 days turnaround ). Thats exactly what the ### should happen, but any how the timeframes has now narrowed down to 3 days left, so it should be here no later than Wednsday...I hope for there ###i*ng sake, because I know what GO*DAM* channels to take and I dont play either, SO IN CASE FAKEIDPRO IS REVIEWING THIS BOARD I NEED YALL TO GET IN CONTACT WITH ME A.S.A.P email- [protected] Oh In addition people from fakeidpro is also running the site, its based out of the address #1179 Station A Nanaimo BC V9R 6E7, Canada, So PLEASE BE WRITE BY ME, SO I CAN DISPLAY NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS BOUT YALL!!!

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  • Ch
      Jun 20, 2009

    You have just learned a very important lesson(s)
    1. Never respond to an internet ad of any kind
    2. If they insist on an international money order or wire transfer, STAY AWAY, IT IS A SCAM. You have NO recourse on these type of transactions.
    3. Never, EVER respond to a TV, RADIO or INTERNET advertisement. These are breeding grounds for scammers because they KNOW they will get away with it, at least for a few months, THEN they will change their name and start fresh again. Money back guarantees mean absolutely nothing at all.
    4. If you cannot get it LOCALLY, you don't need it.

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  • Sr
      Jun 22, 2009

    What is wrong with some of you people. You wont get a decent free ID.. youll be lucky to get a decent one without being scammed even for hard cash.
    I got one but it took a looong time and a lot of friends of friends knowing who to chat to
    of course it is really good! (drivers license +5 years ;))
    but just be careful on line peeps.. scams scams everywhere.. ok theres SOME legit sites out there but dont you think all the bars n clubs know these fake ids by now..

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  • Re
      Jun 26, 2009

    my experience with fakeidpro/fakeidmaster is almost exactly the same as yours. i sent the information and payment on 6/9 and have submitted 2 e-mails to them since with no answer and still no delivery.

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  • Bj
      Jul 22, 2009

    did you ever get your id? cus i want to order from them but i dont wanna loose my money!

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  • Tp
      Apr 03, 2016

    The scammer just moved his mailing address and uses these websites now :

    Novelty ID Cards
    PO Box 5188 Stn B
    Victoria, BC, V8R 6N4

    You can him up here and see when he is going to ship it:

    Prime Timers Victoria
    For gay and bisexual men over 40
    P.O. Box 5188, Station B
    Victoria, BC Canada V8R 6N4
    Contact: [protected]

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  • Tp
      Mar 07, 2017
    - sending money to these sites would be like throwing your money away
    PO Box 5188 V8R 6N4
    1179 Stn A, Nanaimo British Columbia V9R 6E7


    Novelty ID Cards

    You might be able to reach him via a meetup at the events of this society:
    Lawrence G. [protected] or [protected]
    110 - 1655 Chambers Street, Victoria, BC V8T 3J7

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