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The guy is the biggest loser on the planet. he owns all the sites that are reviewed as good sites. so all you people who read review boards should give your head a shake.
All the fake id reviews are bogus lies and posted by fakeiman to get you to go and buy from his sites, the guess what? he scams you... so if you got
Scammed after reading a review on this site or any other site, then you freaking deserve to be scammed
Don't you have any brains and know that the goofs post their reviews on sites they own? losers. this is what you get for buying from them... I know I was a loser too... and got scammed by

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      29th of Sep, 2014
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    Employee of many fake id competion sites and they agreed to give me a
    Fake id if I posted fake complaints against the competition. they did
    Not keep their word so I am exposing the fake id comptetion sites where i
    posted fake reviews saying they were bad

    Fake posts by employees of competition sites

    Do not rely on any reviews posted on complaintsboard. they are all fake
    And are posted by competitor sites in order to direct you to their own

    I worked for fakeidguru and it was my job to post fake reviews about all
    sites that were their competiton so do not believe the fake reviews
    Posted by competitor sites on all fake id sites.

    If a site is legitimate it will not comment on their competitor sites so
    use your brain and think why would one site diss another

    Okay here is the real truth, and I am going to expose it. I was employed by


    We are paid to post bad reviews against the competitor sites and then
    Get a commission for each link that is clicked thru us,. well the
    #ers never paid me so I am exposing them.

    You should send a email to any online id comapny, even if they have a
    Question answer page, and if you get a response they are legitimate, if
    Not they are a scam site. underground review owns all the sites they
    Review listed here:

    [id listing]~

    I-d-e-n-t-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n details

    This is to promote themselves
    Caution yeah right. it is owned by them too

    [id template listing]~

    Myoids details

    Comments: not allowing new customers

    [id listing]~

    Owned by them

    Fake id guru
    [id listing]

    Their own site to promote themselves
    Fake id guru details
    Posts bad reviews againt all sites they do not own
    Good yeah #.. I was asked to do this

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