Fake people / Calling God fake

1 Delhi, NY, India

There are many fake people around but Mr GD Vashist is the one of the best astrologers in the world he has done a lot for the man kind and his hardwork has given great results and all these nonsense written by some of the fake users and some mindless people in my view shows there negativity and this kind of behaviour is only of an mindless person MR GD Vashist is the person who created a software for the astrology and he is doing nothing fake he is the person who is trying to help human kind and also trying to make money for his living he is a great man and yeah I m his follower as with his given remedies only today I am able to get this much educated that I can write and understand I am not saying he is God or some kind of 8 th wonder but he is the person who has done something with which others are jealoused

Better stay quiet if there is any prob u face u should tell in there office and get ur refund back or ur problems solve

Shadow ...

Dec 30, 2014

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