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United States Review updated:
About a month ago I got scammed by the ### at the idshop.com. I paid then recieved info that my ID had shipped shorty afterward. Obviously I never received anything which is why I am submitting this complaint. If you are thinking of getting an ID stay away from all websites that only accept money transfers (like western union) or cash. All I can say is that every online fake ID or Novelty ID site is 100% a scam, even the pages that recommend ID sites are hosted by the same money stealing ###.

I finally found an email business that worked wonders for me, IDentities3@yahoo.com. I sent them my info and paid through paypal (so it was extremely secure). I have passed off this website to a few of my friends and it has worked for all of them too. If you are in the market check them out cause its high quality for a reasonable price.

BOTTOM LINE: If you need an ID stay away from the mainstream websites because you will only end up losing money. If you are in need check out IDentities3@yahoo.com or just wait until your 21

If you know any other emails or websites put them in the comment box so we dont get scammed anymore.


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  25th of Feb, 2009
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tylersnoveltyids@hotmail.com <--- ANOTHER RIP OFF

Fake ID Hookup

To be honest all these so called "Fake ID websites" are just rip offs, these ###ing losers are trying to make some smart cash by ripping off people like us looking for some easy fakes. Well the reality is that they all rip off. I have tried good four websites that all seemed to be rip offs. They ask for money and stop replying to your emails the moment you have transfered them the cash. Anyway, I went back to my hometown and found a guy who is into printing, he did the job for me quite well, and I didn't even pay him much. Thank God .. but the fact that these ID sites ripped me off really sucks. Anyway, anyone who's looking for fakes I could hook you all up if you need let me know. lordzeus @ dangerouslyhigh.in Cheers!
  21st of Mar, 2009
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Trollin< — another rip off.
Like who do you think you are? thinking you can accuse me of being a scam when your dumb # doesnt know the facts...
  17th of Jun, 2009
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My friend introduced this guy (printing1020@163.com)to me for the ID. The guy even did not ask for the money and tell me to check my e-mail later on that day. I was surprise to receive three photos of the completed ID by e-mail hours later. Everything is there (UV stamp, hologram, and barcode), including one photo taken under UV light showing the UV seals.

I was satisfied with the quality and wire the paymen. The card was delivered about 5 days after. It was totally worthy and felt lucking not to ripe off by some ###ing scam site. But it seems that this guy only make the Cal ID, not other states.

The good thing is that I did not need to send the money after I saw the proof of the finished ID. And the service is rather fast.

Hope this can help!
  12th of Jul, 2009
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I read this post so I got my Novelty from IDentities3@yahoo.com. Amazing!!

I had it within 4 days, it has a magnetic stripe, hologram and the quality is really good.

highly recommended
  11th of Aug, 2009
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Identities3@yahoo.com got my order wrong and has promised to do something about it but i havent heard from him for quite some time now.. I think i would want my money back if i dont hear from him soon.. This is just unprofessional to leave customers hanging..
  25th of Aug, 2009
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Lmao; all of these sites right here are scams!
— if there happens to be a real legit website, then you people don't need to post it up in this site; friends would tell other friends and so on.
  22nd of May, 2010
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I read this post and got my ID from identities3@yahoo.com... I had it in my hands 3 days after I placed the order and it looks really good. He did the swipe encoding and the hologram is almost perfect

highly recommended
  16th of Jun, 2010
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i just got a penn id from identities3 and it has worked for me everywhere I have gone so Ill recommend him.
  25th of Jul, 2010
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i read these posts and tried identities3... i got it a week ago and has worked so far, it scanned correctly yesterday too
  13th of Jan, 2011
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I make excellent qualities id's!!
Email me at: ewwright23@gmail.com for further details. scan, uv, holograms. everything. i've been creating these quality ids for about 7 years I know all there is to know. shoot me an email!
  25th of Jan, 2011
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Email interested21@safe-mail.net for good prices on quality Novelty ID.
  25th of May, 2011
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fakeidsxpress. Not a complaint only compliments. After being ripped off from other vendors I was sent their address by a friend. Their work in nearly flawless, id has perfect hologram, UV and it scanned when i used it. This is not fake feedback you can see their work on their site fakeidsxpress. I am trying to help out others who have been scammed.
  7th of Mar, 2012
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If you tried to order only one card it was not from IDShop.com. IDshop.com only sales ID systems to companies and schools that wish to make their own IDs for employees and students. They do not make IDs for individuals or fake/novelty IDs. You must have ordered from theidshop.com which is not the same company. Theidshop.com makes fake IDs only.

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