Fake Degrees Online / Betraying People with Cheap Services

1 Cairo, GA, Egypt

I just wanted to solve my long pending problem of getting a good job to suit my mental abilities and for that I only needed a degree as I have enough experience. By chance I found about which is offering degree provisioning services with big promises and bold claims. I applied too and paid a good amount of cash after I saw samples of fake degrees at the website which looked quite good. I was promised to receive it in a week’s time which passed in a jiffy as I waited eagerly but the degree did not arrive. I sent an email to the admin to get sure of my degree. They assured me that it is on its way. Another week passed until I received my degree but it was not what I had applied for.
They sent me a degree in an entire different field which I understand nothing about. They sent me a degree in Social Media instead of Social Sciences which is of no use to me. I requested them to replace it with what I had ordered but they refused, claiming that they processed my order “as it is”. That is outrageous but how can I make them listen when they are deliberate in twisting the reality. They refused the refund too as they think that they have done me a great favour. I ask everyone out here not to avail their services.

Sep 27, 2014

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