Fake ad / rip of customers

This is one of the most corrupt sites i have seen in a while, in fact all these dating services are bogus, and, i am hiring Jeffrey Fieger as council! I am going to make sure you pay every person you ripped off on your website. Instant Karma is gonna get you, its gonna knock you off your feet. i knew something was wrong from the beginning. How much do you pay thes women to show interest in a guy. You have 48 hours in which to respond to dbailey_1957 and explain to me why i should not prosecute you and sue your fake company. Jeffrey Fieger says lets just take them for all we can get! You have mislead so many people on your site. 48 hours, and i will sue you for everything possible, to the extent of the law. Your future looks real bad. Daniel Bailey- if you think this is a joke =try me!

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