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1 Fairway, KS, United States
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I just had the worst experience ever with a hair salon. I made an appointment for a root touchup, no problem. However when I got to the salon today things started off well. When the stylist was rinsing out my hair she asked if I also wanted a blow dry. I told her yes. However when she got half way thru blowing out my hair she informed me she was behind schedule. She informed me that she couldnt finish my hair and that I was welcome to flat iron my hair. I was totally shocked, I have NEVER been told anything like this before and refused. I told her she needed to finish my hair and make her next appointment wait. She refused and became angry stating it was MY fault since I had told her when I made the appointment I wanted a root touchup and she only scheduled enough time for that. I told her that wasn't my problem and she was being very rude and unprofessional. I asked to speak with her manager, after this she told me to leave the salon.. I did leave and my hair was a mess, it was half blown out, I had to drive home and finish my hair. She also told me the salon is actually a barber shop, I asked her why I wasn't told this when I walked in and made my appointment. I wouldn't have wasted my time with an establishment like this.

May 30, 2015

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