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I met a guy Kim Robinson on fb, beginning of DEC 2016, we started chatting and in few days he asker for my mobile number so we can chat on watsapp and also wanted to call me which he did and we would chat for hours, in few days just he asked what gift I would like, he said since he didn't buy me any Xmas gift he would like to buy me a gift, I refused but he he insisted, I thought it will just be 1 or 2 things but he told me he is going shopping, and later that day he send me pics of the gifts(bags, shoes, 2watches, iPhone, hairpieces) he said I would receive the goods the next day since its fast delivery, so the next day I got a call from supposedly courier company saying my goods arrived and they wanted me to pay VAT for delivery, which was a bit doubtful for me R2800, stupidly as much as I had doubts I just sent the money and they said my goods will be dispatched st 12noon but just before 12 the courier phoned and said they had found money(which he said he put in nside tge goods)in my goods as they were scanned and they said the goods are now held by "money laundering department" and I have to pay R10 000+ to release them, I was surprised and my doubts grew further and I decided to string him along and not pay the money, until today when I told him I m going to cape town and will go to the courier office to collect my goods and pay there, he got angry

  • Updated by Lesedima, Jan 12, 2017

    I met a guy Kim Robinson on fb, I think he is part of a scam, I supposedly have gifts from him from UK, held up at fairway courier services

Jan 12, 2017

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