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Holiday package membership was offered to us by Fairmount INNS –Suites, Ansal Highway Plaza, Kundli by giving us false representation.

We were committed by their staff that we will get the email containing all the supporting documents and guidelines once we pay the membership amount and they got our signature fraudulently on the agreement. They knowingly created the environment so that we could not see any agreement.

We felt cheated after buying this package. We were misguided to buy a holiday package for 5 years by their staff .They tempted us by telling so many things like they offer 5 star resorts nationally and Internationally .Next day I realized that I was cheated so I went to cancel my holiday package at Fairmount Kundli but I was told that no concerned person is available to address my problem and I was told to come again Next day, I called them next day and they again told me to come Tomorrow.Next day I went there n they again said that no senior is available to address my problem. So I decided to submit complaint through there mail address as they sold the holiday package by making fake commitments.

Listed below were the Major issues due to which we decided to cancel the package without availing any of their services.

1. We were committed that vacation ownership package is of worth Rs 60000/- for 5 years but if we buy it instantly by cash or debit card then we will be given discount of Rs 10, 000/- and two air tickets and we will get it in Rs 50, 000/- Inclusive of all taxes, But In agreement 50, 000/- is reflecting as Initial payment only.

2. They committed us that we can avail vacations in national or International locations as per our choice, they also committed that in India they have 38 locations and we will get the details in email immediately after paying, but we had not received any mail.

3. Initially we were told that total vacation price is Rs 50, 000/- Inclusive of all taxes but In agreement it’s showing AMC of Rs 4000/- to be paid per year. We were not told about this AMC charges before we paid.

4. We were told that we can go on vacation any time throughout the year but in agreement it is mentioned that the period between 15th of may to 15th June and 20th Dec till 5th January every year is not a part of this package.

5. We were told that we can avail the vacation in 4 and 5 star hotels but it is not mentioned on the agreement.

6. We were told about various benefits one of which was buffet facility @ 499 only per day and banquet facility which can be used 4 times in a year but it is not mentioned on the agreement.

7. There is no location list where we can avail vacations neither on agreement nor through any mail.

8. Even after paying Rs 50, 000/- we didn’t received any confirmation mail or message from the company that we purchased vacation membership.

9. We had not signed the agreement willingly,  their team had mislead us by misinterpreting the agreement. They gave us fraudulent explanation of the package .They got our signatures on agreement fraudulently. This is unfair trade practice.

I am a victim of fraud as it was wilful misrepresentation given to us by their team to persuade us to buy the holiday package.
They had given us 2-3 hours false representation and induced us to sign the agreement.We relied on the false explanation of their team as to the contents of the agreement.
They told us that whatever they had explained is the same that is  mentioned on the papers. We relied on the explanation given by them but that explanation was fraudulent. So we signed in good faith but whatever they have committed to us and what actually they sold did not match at all. It was like giving a demo of Apple iPhone 6s and selling Nokia 3310.

Aug 08, 2016

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