Faded Glory Relaxed Fit jeans / Dangerous!!!!!!!3

1 Southgate, MI, United States

I recently purchased a pair of these jeans at Walmart. While riding my motorcycle, I realized the exhaust pipe appeared to be getting awfully hot. I looked down and saw that my pant leg was in flames! In 35 years of riding, I have NEVER had anything like this ever happen to me! I had to quickly get off to the side of the road, get the bike in neutral and get the kickstand down. After slapping at the fire with my hands, I thought I was okay. Then the fire erupted again. After my hands were all black from beating out the flames, I had to address the incredible pain on the side of my calf. It has been about 6 weeks now, and I'm STILL dealing with the pain. A second and third degree burn that will leave a scar and a reminder to NEVER purchase this brand of clothing again! Believe me, Walmart WILL be hearing from me!

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