FacetoFace TechnologiesMagazine subscription never delivered


On March 26, 2009, a young college aged man knocked on my door and presented himself as a student raising money for his school and earning points for a chance to win a vacation trip. I looked over the magazine list and found one for Weight Watchers Magazine. I did ask for ID and what the funds would be used for.
He mentioned that I could call a the phone number to cancel if I did not like it. But, then he would not get credit. I wrote out a check since I wanted to be able to trace it to a bank in case this turned out not to be legit.
On June 29, I received a call from a telemarketer to confirm that the order was just now getting turned in, and it would be even more weeks before the first magazine would arrive. They also wanted to try to sell me credit protection and the female caller was "ticke off" when I repeatedly refused the offer.
I am concerned that this may be a scam since they cashed the check on April 1, 2009 and still have not filled their promise to get this magazine subscription processed and mailed to me. The above number was in service as of July 4, 2009 and I will be calling to inquire about this issue and either cancel (although I have well exceeded the 3 day grace period) or ask for them to expedite my order. They will also be informed of this complaint filing.

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