Facebook PostRemoving a facebook post

I contacted the Shoopers Drug Mart Facebook page a month ago regarding a post that I want deleted off their page.

When I asked the customer support that works in that company to have the post deleted then 1 man said ''NO
Shoppers Drug Mart Support said I should ask the Google Webmaster Support and I did before I called Shoppers Drug Mart and they also said they can not make this link get off of the internet search bar until someone from the page deletes that post.

I deleted my comment but my comment it still appears on Google search engine bar and as I said it can not be removed until the page is outdated and the whole post is deleted from the Shoopers Drug Mart page

Here is the link that locates the post that I want deleted and the guy from Shoopers Drug Mart said ''NO in a angry tone

I hope one day their company will be closed and I will be with Kenron Pharmacy.

Thank you.


Jan 24, 2015

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