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Face to Face Technologies, Aerican Cash Rewards, Magazine Employment Scam / Face to Face Technologies, Aerican Cash Rewards, Magazine Employment Scam

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Our 19 year old son, his cousin and his friend, saw this website and wanted to work, so they accepted a Greyhound ticket from Seattle to Los Angeles, then they traveled back to Oakland, all on the Greyhound about a 20 hour trip. These people from American Cash Award or Face to Face Technologies are called “Jamie and Richie, ” no last names are known. They then put these "kids, " most are 20-ish from very financially modest families into groups for their training. The training is hours and hours of “how to knock on doors and convince people to buy magazines.” The company spends a great deal of time on explaining all the money there is to be made and the bonuses and gifts and awards they can win. There is no mention that they will be fired from the company if they do not sell anything or sell “low numbers.” There can be anywhere from 50-100 kids traveling "together." They conveniently move these kids from one town to another about every 3-4 days, not every 3-4 weeks as mentioned on the website. They move them via tinted window style SUVS anywhere from 12-19 per kids carload. The kids are housed 3-4 per hotel room, and the company tends to rent many rooms to house all the kids at one hotel. There is no paid training. These kids are told they are independent consultants. They attend 2-3 sales meetings in the morning starting at around 7AM until 10:30AM. They are told to go to homes with a sales pitch intended to solicit magazine subscriptions to people, and to the best of the boy’s knowledge these subscriptions are never actually received by paying customers. They are told to tell the people who answer the door that they are college kids, kids on a trip, some money goes to charity, and numerous other stories. They are told to say the represent several different companies depending on which housing development area are they are in. They have several "car handlers" whose job it is to dump these kids off near retirement age communities and trailer parks and pick them up at the end of the day or for re-location, they are brain washed as well. Our son said the “bosses” hold back 20% of everything they make to pay for hotel expenses, gas for the vehicles and etc… This begins on day one not after day 14 as stated on the website where it says their “training is all expenses paid.” The most he made in one day was $40.00. He worked there 2 weeks and that was the most he made, in one day. The other days he made much less…oh and although I mentioned that their day started at 7A I forgot to mention that they end the day at 8:30P. They have to be back in their rooms by 1AM, for a room check. Our son did mention that there were people in the “top” groups that made $300-$400 a day but since they constantly re-arrange the kids in each group there is no way to know for sure. The big ploy here is that these kids are there of their own free will. They are over 18 years old. They are told they are independent contractors but not allowed to retain or pay for their expenses with their own money, as the money is paid out daily less what the bosses keep for their expenses. They are paid in green cash. Our son was told that this company rented a strip club to host their annual Christmas party in (the event is mentioned on their website, but the company failed to mention the strip club part) All in all, in the 14 days he was there he was moved to three different hotels and if you count where he came from covered over 1, 400 miles. He was extremely worn out and convinced that this company was “legit.” Apparently the bosses reinforce that what they are doing is legal, over and over. When we finally were able to find the hotel that he was staying in, we were told several times by his “room mates” that he wasn’t there. He had to borrow someone’s cell phone and go outside for privacy. BTW, because they roomed with many different people and they were consistently changing the groups, they never really got to know the people that they slept near, so when they showered they took all their belongings into the bathroom with them. He said kids had things stolen constantly. During our phone call with him, a “boss” over heard his dad saying, “You either call me in an hour or I will know something is wrong and call the police.” When he got off the phone he was asked questions about who he was speaking to and what they wanted. The “bosses” decided at that time (midnight Friday night) to transport him to the nearest airport and dumped him off. He slept in the airport with $30.00 in his pocket, and we flew him home. Take this information for what it is worth. There is no reason for us to lie, there is no reason for our son to lie about what happened. Our son is old enough to make his own decisions, but clearly if he had explained this all in the beginning, before leaving town suddenly with promises made by Face to Face Technologies of “money and travel, freedom and fun”…we would have told him that when it sounds too good to be true, it is. This company preys upon young adults whose ability to see clearly is clouded by empty promises, the elderly that they sell magazine subscriptions to, and lower income areas where these kids tend to fit in and people feel sorry for them. These kids typically are embarrassed to call home and tell their family they need help getting home, which by the way, is an expense they need to pay for. Tomorrow his group was slated to “jump” as they called it, to Utah. The farther he got from home the more expensive it would have been to bring him back and the harder it would be for him to afford a ticket home on his own and who only knows if we would have been able to find him willing. This is truly very cult like in technique.

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  • Su
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I have heard of these kind of things happing to our youth. Some
    of them are of these kids not selling enough and getting beat for it also not getting to eat because they didn't make what they
    signed on to earn.
    Thank the lord your son is home safe.

  • Wi
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    I thought it sounded too good to be true. I am currently looking for a new job and saw this "Travel, Work, Party, Play" job posting. After researching it, I figured out it IS a scam. Thank you by the way for posting this. I cannot believe that Monster is allowing this so called legit company to post an ad on their site. Craigslist is different, but I would expect Monster, Career Builders etc., to do a better job in doing a background check on these companies.
    I will definitely be filing a complain with Monster in regards to this scam.

    It does seem very cult-like and they are definitely preying on young adults.

    Praise God for bringing your son back home to you.

  • Ic
      10th of Nov, 2011
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    Lastly, and this one is directed solely at Mr. Carhandler, what kind of manager/entrepreneur are you? "At 18 how bad can they be? Like any small business I don't do background checks." Really? Dude (I will NOT refer to you as Sir), I have a friend who has a business with five employees and he ALWAYS does a background check. So your argument holds no water. If you had ANY business sense you would realize that any costs incurred doing a background check is money well spent. But considering all the time your industry has been sued it's fairly obvious that all of you lack any business as well as common sense. You are success you say? Yes, it's easy to be a success when you are head fry cook at McDonalds.

  • Ic
      10th of Nov, 2011
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    This is in response to "Junutsack". You, sir/madam are an idiot, your functionally illiterate rebuttal only makes that more apparent.

    Let me relate my story to you. In the summer of 1993 I answered a job advertisement in the Washington Post. I had returned from a graduation trip in Europe and I wanted to make some money before I entered college. I do not really remember the exact wording of the ad was only that it appealed to my rather young and naïve mind.

    The "interview", for lack of a better term, was a joke. No background check, no real questions to me to see if I was "right" for the job. Any questions that I asked about the job were parlayed with statements like, "Our best seller makes this much!" or "I just put a down payment on a new Lexus!" and my favorite "I started out sitting in your chair and now I make more than my brother and he has a degree from Yale!" (Or something to that effect).

    The next day I left on quest that can best be described as falling somewhere between Dante's Inferno and the Book of Revelations. I'm not going to go into real detail about my experiences because that litany has already been written. Needless to say, the pay was lousy, the hours long, and of course, the lies where incredible. When we hit Richmond a few weeks later, I called a family member and ran from those crooks like they had plague.

    My questions and statements to the above posters are simple because I know that you probably have trouble with multi syllable words. You seem quick to blame the sellers when in fact they are representatives of your company and as a "reputable" company you have certain responsibility to your employees actions. Care to comment on this?

    Also, do you honestly think that telling me you are a "high powered" seller really impresses me? I equate your business to any other illegal activity, so in effect you might as well be telling me that you do really well selling meth or heroin. Oh I'm sooo impressed by your "elite" status as door to door peddler, as if somehow those of us with respectable jobs are somewhat lacking in our ardor to make our lives a success.

    To Mr. Carhandler, you can try to whitewash your involvement all you want. Why so evasive when it comes to actually telling these peddlers what they are about to involve themselves in? When I interviewed for my current job no one tried to wow me with their Folexes and the luxury cars they supposedly own. They told me what they expected, what I would be doing, and when I asked, told me exactly what my salary would be. There were no lies and also, the company has been in existence for a century, they have had the same name for that entire time. Can you say the same for Magazine Sales? Why all the name changes? Sounds like you know that your business is shady and you have something to hide.

    To those who want to defend this business, please give a CREDIBLE defense for why you find this activity so appealing. The travel? Yeah, I hear that Gary, Indiana is a real cultural Mecca. The so-called money? Yes, I loved working for $10 a day and never seeing a penny of what I earn. The people? Hmmm, if you like sleazy drug addicts and loose women then I guess I can't argue with that. Maybe it's the "prizes"? Oh yes, Juarez is really hopping and a day at Disney Land seems a rather cheap reward considering the kind of hell you have to go through to get it. For the record, do you want to know what our prize was when I was crewing? A day at Action Park in New Jersey, and we only got that after most of the crew threatened to quit. I guess you have to throw the dog a bone occasionally.

    I do agree with your assessment that success is what you make of it and that always comes with hard work. But please tell me your definition of success. Forget the tired platitudes about people like Paul Mitchell or Steve Jobs. Neither of them worked for Magazines Crews, Kirby, or the like. It's difficult to be a success when the very industry you work for is crooked and will find any which way to screw you over.

    Door to Door as a viable industry is dead. Amway had to change its name because they had such a terrible reputation. Kirby… do I need to say more? If these products were actually as good as they claim, why are they not trying to compete with like products on the open market? I have trouble believing that there is any real profit in this industry, but then again I'm not numbers man and when you have virtual slaves toiling for next to nothing I guess I can see that there is money to be squeezed out of the rotting corpse that is door to door sales.

    And so here I am. I'm writing this on lunch using my own Mac Book (not one I stole from a fellow peddler or some unfortunate soul's house). After I'm done I'm going to jump into my new car and go back to work (not in a van, sitting next to the 25 year old guy that smells and keeps looking at me with hungry eyes). Don't expect me to comment back to your pathetic attempts at a rebuttal, I'll be on business in South East Asia for the next 45 days (not pounding the pavement in suburban Chicago). Oh! And on an end note, I'm about to be married to wonderful Javanese girl, so please send that drug addled slut you sleep with my regards! Salam….

  • Sq
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Yes I am very aware of this company and my mother WAS the office Mgr. Let me tell you she has told me all these stories about girls getting raped and the owner MARK SHUMATE not paying for a rape kit for this poor girl and my mother had it out with him cause he wanted the girl to go sell magazines the very next day!!! No time for recovery my mother told him she is human but he is just into $$$$$ and if she wouldn't sell magazines she had to go home he withholds money gives people FAKE greyhound/airline tickets so they "THINK" they have a safe way home he has his car handlers dump the kids off then he disputes the tickets leaving these kids with $20.00 OR NO MONEY AT ALL this man is spineless he called my phone and started to harass me I never worked for him so I had no reason to ever talk to him but he wanted to let me know that my mom was a [protected]@^ and that he fired her he prey's on people and he has his agents beating up people for not bringing in sales!! I know Roxanne Arvizu and he cousin/girlfriend Marina intimidat and beat up on people (Yes they are blood cousin's and lover's) uhh. They do rent out yacht's and vacation homes for christmas parties but is that enough incentive for being treated like this Mark Shumate, Richie Lamb and and his wife and Roxanne and Marina I know for a fact have done so hidious things to people but that's how this business is run by bulling, beatings and intimidation I hope people stop buying form this company

    boycott FACE TO FACE Tech., Dynasty Tech. or any other magazine group put these people out of business!!!

    My mother is in no way connected to this company after she raised concerns about how these kids were being treated she was then fired and not paid for the week she worked and left with NO WAY HOME!!! she paid for her own flight home and Mark Shumate then harassed me saying she stole towels and a camera she had bought from a pawn shop she had the reciept so I believe her! This was the reaction from telling Mark that he couldn't treat the kids this way that they were "SOMEONE'S" kids So she got dealt with by being fired she was waiting for the group to come to CA so she could quit but she got fierd before she made it to CA.

    boycott FACE TO FACE this is a bad company you are just makeing this evil man more richer when you by a magazine it dosen't go to the kids

    if you pay cash they keep the cash and don't report the sale***
    if you pay check they change the amount then cash the check***

  • So
      14th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I worked there. They dont starve you for lack of sales. You make your own money. There IS paid training, and when we travel there are no more people in the vehicle then there are seatbelts. If your sales were stolen, it was BY THE SELLER, not the company. If your checks were forged, then it was BY THE SELLER. Some of the salespeople cant handle the pressure, so they go home. You CAN make money, and how much you make is based souly off YOUR ATTITUDE and YOUR SALES. I no longer work for the company, but just as any other job, it is what you make of it. Its fun, and if you dont mind travelling, its a great time all the time. Stop speaking on something when you havent lived the scenario.

  • Je
      16th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I live in Plantation, FL and they just came to my door. I had 2 girls, they claimed 20 and 21 respectively. They said it was a 16 week venture to get kids to get out and learn to meet people and sell magazines for a trip to Italy. The girl talked so quick, that I didnt understand half of what she was saying. But i looked at 20 papers and ya know...she talked the talk.

    I ended up going to the ATM and getting them $60.00 cash... for 1 subscription. Came back, she gave me the receipt and i went into my apt, went on google.

    I googled the company name on the receipt and found scam after scam report about them. THese girls where downstairs still so i went back out to ask for my cash back. I politely said I am not feeling comfortable anymore after what i read online about the company, immediately their demeanor changed. The one said to the other, "ohh you gave him the wrong website" ...and she was like need to look up this one, I said you didnt give me anything. I googled what was on my receipt. She said but i had to google the other. I said no, now I changed my demeanor, I want my money, your starting to piss me off.
    She claimed to have given her money to her drop off person already so she wasn't walking around with it, I said call the person, she said " I don't have their number".

    I called her out, so you give cash to someone you don't know who they are, don't have a phone number for, and picks you up at 8pm... I said ###, I demanded to see their little books (Like when you pay a tab at a restaurant) to see if the cash is in it. The leader girl flashed hers real quick and said there is nothing in it. I demanded to see the next girls book, the other started to open slowly and the leader girl grabs it out of her hand and for a milisecond flashes it to me and said see nothing. I called her out again and said open it NOW, and move that paper... there was 100 sitting there.

    I called her liar and said give me my money and she said no that it belongs to another customer, I called the police. I followed them on foot to the front of my complex while on the phone with the police dispactcher describing to them everything about them, what they are wearing and all that stuff..the whole time they start to walk quicker .. they get to the front of the complex ..and called someone...they stopped and talked to each other and then finally the leader girl gets on the phone and says I'll give you your cash as long as you give me the receipt back I said fine, . They finally gave me my cash, I told the police dispatcher and that was the end.

  • Ju
      9th of Jul, 2011
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    ok first of all let me tell you all something i started selling magazines door to door for face to face two weeks after i turned eighteen and i loved it we got to travel and see places most never get to see i did the door to door sales for two years yes its not exactly what they say its gonna be, but we are trained to be high powwered and to think positivly even when it gets hard . any one who didnt make money out their was a weak ### that didnt belive in them selves enough to do the job i used to knock doors and have people hand me hundreds of dollars in cash and they did get their magazines ### my grandma complains cuz she gets like six every month i never left the hotel without at least 150 in my pocket because i was high powered and had the right attitude ... now their are those kids out their that would lie to people to get them to buy magazines only because they didnt put their mind to the job so they turned to lieing which is wht gave the job such a bad rep we do not look kindly on kids doing drugs so if they were caught doing drugs yeah most likley we droped em off somewhere and told em to get home . our jobs while at the hotel was and is to motivate the other peers to have a positive mental attidude because everyone knows ya cant say no ! to a positive attitude ...

  • Ca
      10th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I ran Mark Shumates crew for 2 years. There are good people and bad people everywhere you go. Alot of what you here is true in a way BUT it is not the owner of the company that takes advantage of the sale. It is the person you are paying at the door. If I were to guess about 80% of all orders are recieved or atleast 5 to 7 years ago that was the way it was. As far as the door to door salesperson I hired atleast a hundred of them, like any other small business how and why would we do a background check? Not every company does and at 18 how bad could they be? We figure it out pretty quick and send them home PAID. On a few occasions you do have a problem with an agent and again at 18 to 23 they think they're invensible and sometimes it comes down to a pissing match and 9 times out of 10 I threw the second punch. As far as hotels it all depends on location we stayed in beautiful hotels and then some towns were old hotels but never were we unhappy, in fact it was one of my favorite jobs at that point in my life. Money well it's like any sales position it's based on what you sale no different than a car salesman. The ones complaining suck at sales get over it and find something your good at. It's 2011 and the economy is pretty bad, i made more 6 years ago then I do now and I'm very succsessful as well as my wife. Which was one of my agents!!! So get your info and take it with a grain of salt. For you current agents tear it up get a bunch!!Ask mark where he started and what he's worth now ITS CALLED MOTIVATION if you don't have it don't sign up for it
    Mark well I'm sure you know who I am, wish you the best

  • Bl
      14th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I think its terrable that these people who "worked" for the company defend the actions of this company saying 70% of the orders go through. if i ran my business like that and 30% of what i did got lost, i would not have a business... this is a scam from the top down and for lack of a better word a cult with its members beleiving that stealing 30% of th time is good... where are your ethics and you are taking advantage of young adults. You people should be in jail.

  • So
      29th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    I was actually one of these kids.

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