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Face Card / They Suck

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I have not been with Facecard for long. But it is a pre-paid debit card you can get direct deposit through. I had a debit card but my dog got to my wallet and chewed up a strip on the card so I had to order a new one. When you order a new one online they automatically cancel the current card and you receive the replacement one within 7-10 business days. On 03.27.2009 I made a request online at for a replacement card because my dog chewed up my old card so I was unable to use it at an atm. So online stated it would automatically cancel my current card and I would receive another one within 7-10 business days. On the 10th business day still no card. In the mean time my direct deposit went through on my card on 04.07.2009 and I have no access to that money. They don't have a bank in my location so I had to wait for the card. So sent an email to asking if there was anyway I can transfer the funds from the old card to my secondary account I have for my neice. I got the response stating if I wanted to transfer funds to go online and do so. I went online to try to transfer the funds but it stated I couldn't because my card was inactive. So I sent another email to that email address and nobody ever responded. So I contacted member services and they told me to contact another number and when I called them I spoke with someone by the name of Jessica and she stated that they show a request but for some reason the card was never sent. So I went back and forth with her to figure out other options but she didn't have any and said the only thing they can do is put in another request for a card. In the mean time my old card was cancelled because I put in the request online for another card. So I asked Jessica if there was anyway the card could be rushed to me and she said no but the new card should actually come before the 7-10 business days. Jessica also stated the finance department was closed and she would see if there was anything else that can be done and would give me a call back on Monday. Okay so next week comes and I didn't receive any call backs or anything. So I waited until Thursday just to make sure the card was sent(assuming the card was sent out on 04.10.2009 like Jessica said)and spoke with the supervisor/manager Jamie Kever. She stated the request for another card was just put in on 04.13.2009. Which means I would have to wait another 7-10 business days to receive the card. In the mean time I have bills that are passed due in which I told Ms. Kever but she stated there was nothing else she can do. She said if she would have known before the card was sent out she could have rushed the card. I told her I spoke with them on Friday 04.10.2009 and was told by Jessica it could not be rushed. So here I am with no access to my freaking money because of their error. Now I have late fees I have to pay and bills due I need groceries, I have to pay for parking, food and I cannot access my money because of their error and there is nothing they can do. I also opened a secondary account for my niece and asked if they could transfer my funds and they said no because I am not the gaurdian. I opened the damn account so I don't understand. If I can get some help I would greatly appreciate. Ms. Kever the supervisor was speaking to me as if it was my fault and made me feel like I was in the wrong when it was an error on their part. I just need assistance and I asked Ms. Kever if there was anyone else I could speak with and she stated, " I am as high as it gets I am the boss." She mad it seem as if it was my fault the card wasn't sent out!! I just wouldn't deal with facecard anylonger and I am not. Just a heads up!!!

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  • Ua
      21st of May, 2009
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    I ordered a facecard because they said it was free for another person to load it from their bank acct. or credit/ debit card there for my mother could stop paying high fees to western union me $. On the very first load which she did on her debit card on a friday at about 3:30pm they said the funds would be available within a half hour, i started checking on the balance about an hour later and every hour there after untill i called the member service # on back of card where they told me the funds where pending (yet on the website they tell you debit loads are available instantly, only if they load it from a checking acct the funds will be held up "pending" till it clears) and they couldn't do anything about it refered me to another # which was closed all weekend. I needed that $ to get my decest grandmothers ring out of pawn shop on that sat. Someone did get back to me on mon after calling my mother and her bank to verify she loaded a messly $200- on my card and told me and mom it would never happen again since it now has been verified.WRONG the next to loads same thing promised i'd have funds in half hr, took at least 12. Now im trying to acesss my account on line and there telling me my username and password AND card number are invalid! But i can call "member services "on back of card and they say everythings in working order but once again they can't do anything re: my online problem call that other # that is closed. also one last thing since i couldn't access my account on line i didn't get the notice about them pre authorizing $75- if you try to pay for gas at the pump so my $10 in gas held up $65 out of my $100 i had on the card to live on for the week for 3 f-en days!!! to say the least I HATE FACECARD HATE YOU HATE YOU HATEYOU> thanks for listening

  • Co
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    It is always very important to read the small print before ordering any of these cards. Only order cards that spell out the rules upfront.

    At restaurants also they will add up to 25% to the bill so you think you have enough money when in fact you don't so the card declines and it can be embarrassing to say the least-not good first date stories.

    My friend told me there is a new card coming out that spells out everything up front. Very open and hoest. It is called CareLock. I believe they are going to launch later this month.

    I think the website is

    You might check them out. I agree these cards can really be frustrating.

    BTW-Always go inside and ask the cashier to pay for your gas and make sure it is pin based.

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