Fabric by FabremNon-existant customer service

I placed an order for 8 yards of fabric on 11/18/08. As of today, 11/26/08, I have not received any acknowledgement of the order. The on-line account feature indicates that the order is STILL in the FIRST stage of 4:

1) The order has been sent to the store owner

2) An invoice for payment has been issued

3) Payment has been received

4) This order has been shipped

I have e-mailed them twice and called them twice to find out if they are going to fill the order, explaining that the fabric is for a time sensitive project and that I need to know so that I can order from someone else if they are going to be unable to fill it. NO RESPONSE AT ALL.

A search of the internet shows other complaints of the same nature.

I have sent an e-mail to cancel the order and NOT charge my account. I also indicated that I would be lodging complaints with various groups. We will see if that one gets ignored as well.


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