F A Appliances / Cancelling service calls with no reason

I am commenting on the deplorable lack of customer service at F&A Appliance Repair. I have the bad luck of owning a Haier refrigerator that has been problematic since October 2009. Unfortunately, F&A is the designated warranty repair service for Haier in the San Bernardino area, so I am at their mercy. These people think nothing of cancelling service appointments by claiming they called prior to the appointment time and supposedly having received no answer, the call is cancelled. I took a day off from work today based on a call received yesterday, scheduling the repair for today from 11 to 3. All day I sat home and the phone DID NOT RING. At 2 I called F&A to inquire as to the techs ETA and I was informed that the call was cancelled. I spoke with Marisela who was absolutely no help at all, then to her supervisor who was equally disinterested in my problem. I have been waiting for this repair for over a month and now have lost a days work and to no avail. Marisela and her supervisor have no interest in customer service, and I will not hesitate to spread the word all over the internet about the TERRIBLE service at F&A.


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