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I got a call from jose sanders an i was told that i got approved for a 2000 payday loan. He told me to go to a store an get 2 green dot visa cards an put 40 dollers on each card for actavation so I did> I called them back with the information an tol me to call back in 4 hours to get my money so I did. I was told to call back in another hour so I did. This time when I called they told me that my credit was bad an I had to put 200 dollers down before I got the money. I told them they werent going to get another dime from me. I said I wanted my 80 dollers back they yelled an thretened me. When I called green dot an they told me that the cards where all ready actavated with my ss# an different name. I lost 80 dollers. These people have to be stopped I dont have money to throw away an neaver dose anyone else [protected]

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