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I'd like to complain that our customers don't recognize EZ Way Parking as one of the most inexpensive and customer friendly Newark Airport Parking Facilities located 2.1 miles from Newark International EWR Airport!

We are outraged! I mean down right Mad, and feel unappreciated by those who abuse our Newark Parking facility.

It's not often that you can find a EWR Coupon Parking facility that offers $8.00 Daily Parking at Newark Airport.

We need to vent our anger and let those individuals know how we feel about parking their vehicles at our Valet Parking facility.

Okay, yes... we might be the Best Newark Parking Facility at the EWR International Airport. That doesn't give our customers the right to ignore us, or take away our Newark Parking Rights! We have feelings too! We used to think we had the best long term parking at Newark, or maybe the best Longterm parking at Newark EWR.

Who knows?

I guess if you are going on a trip and flying out of Newark International Airport, you should take advantage of the least expensive out door valet parking facilities surrounding Newark Airport. We provide world class customer service, free airport parking reservations, free monthly discount airport parking coupons, free on demand Newark airport parking shuttle to and from Newark Liberty Airport and a fenced, well lit and secure parking lot located 2.1 miles from Newark Airport.

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  • Va
      26th of Aug, 2008

    Below is the time line for a nasty experience with EZ Way Parking, who also run Vista Parking at Newark Airport in Elizabeth, NJ .

    August 23rd, 2007

    At around 9:00am on I dropped my vehicle off at EZ-Way parking in Elizabeth, New Jersey before heading to the airport. I had used EZ-Way parking services in the past without any incidents.

    August 27th, 2007

    At midnight I returned to the lot to find my vehicle in a damaged state. The front bumper was badly scraped, the license plate and mounting bracket were ripped off, and the right side molding of the car was scraped. I was immediately angered and questioned the attendant, Lisa, about my vehicle. Lisa was unable to neither explain the damage nor take responsibility. She gave me the number of a claims person to call, Christie Brisco (973-465-7401 jmavista AT, who would handle this matter. Adding insult to injury, EZ-Way parking refused to return my key to the vehicle without paying for their services. Before leaving the lot, I had two attendants verify the damage and I took photographs documenting it. I also had called the Elizabeth police department to have an officer file a report, but the police station said they would be unable to visit the facility.

    August 28th, 2007

    The first thing the next morning, I called Christie and left a message on her voicemail. After getting in contact, she informed me that incidents do occur and that they would schedule a repair at their auto body shop, Tecnaut. Her exact language was:

    "We have been doing business with them for 15+ years, we send all our repairs to them & the work is guaranteed 100%. The car will be returned to you fully repaired in the condition you brought it to EZ Way"

    We then tried to setup a date when the repairs could be done. All my trips out of Newark Airport are on weekends only, and never more than 3 days. To my dismay, Tecnaut auto body does not work on weekends, and EZ-Way parking does not have a backup auto-body shop to perform the repairs. The next most logical action would be to schedule a repair at a repair shop that did work during the weekend I was gone. EZ-Way then informed me that they would only reimburse 50% of the estimate since they found other body shops to be crooks. I later found this statement incredibly ironic.

    This obviously would not work for me, according to EZ-Way operating procedure, they would fix my vehicle, but only on their terms. Which meant, during the week, and at their auto body shop only. Leaving myself, a once loyal customer, to either foot half the repair bill at a repair shop I trusted or pay for a rental car without reimbursement while using their repair shop. Neither of these options were fair considering that EZ-Way was the negligent party. Adding a financial burden in additional personal inconvenience was not acceptable. I informed Christie that this was not sufficient, and she responded with that's all that she could do. On Friday August 31st, she gave me the name of someone who could approve actions outside of EZ Way unfriendly operating procedure. She gave me the number and email of Tom Wilson (973-465-4117 and T1000W AT I immediately left voicemails and emails for Mr. Wilson. For two weeks of numerous attempts, he never returned a call.

    September 11th, 2007

    I alerted Christie of Mr. Wilson's failure to be responsive and she informed me that she doesn't work with him and can't get a hold on him either despite him being her supervisor. This was the first on many organizational mishandlings by EZ Way . It wasn't until September 13th, 2007 that I received a call from Tom Wilson. Ironically, one day before my scheduled weekend trip. Mr. Wilson was unapologetic and insisted that he was doing me a huge favor and that I would have to get a very cheap rental car. I complied, even though, I should have been able to rent the same size vehicle as the one I had. I even went extra lengths to reserve a low price via Hotwire instead of paying full retail rental rates. I also declined extra insurance on the vehicle to help keep the cost low.

    September 14th, 2007

    I dropped off my car at EZ Way parking in the morning. I spoke with the manager there and left a detailed document thoroughly explaining what needed to be repaired. I even attached an email correspondence from Christie and an estimate from another auto-body shop in case they needed information on parts or paint color. I did not want to be accused of not specifically detailing what needed to be fixed beforehand or making things up after the repairs were done. I asked that they call me with any questions or complications.

    September 18th, 2007

    I received a phone call from Christie stating that the repairs had been completed. I informed her that I would pick up the car after work that evening. Later that day I dropped off my rental car and headed over to EZ Way . Upon entering the lot, I saw the vehicle and immediately could tell it had not been fixed. The license plate was still in a crumpled state on the inside of the car, the license plate mount had not been attached to the vehicle, nor could it be since the holes drilled into the bumper were stripped, and the side molding had not been touched. Clearly upset, I spoke with the on-site manager, who of course, could not do anything for me. I drove the car off the lot and immediately called Tom and Christie. Tom never returned my call, and I was able to reach Christie the next day.

    September 21st, 2007

    I received a phone call from Christie in the morning. She had spoken with the owner and told me that the full repair was authorized and a rental vehicle would be reimbursed. I called the owner of the auto-body shop and setup a time for me to drop off the vehicle. I would have preferred to drop off the vehicle on Sunday, but the auto-body shop is not open and would not accept.

    Around 2pm, I dropped off my car at Tecnaut and spoke directly with the auto-body shop manager. I explained to him explicitly what needed to be repaired, and gave him the exact copy I gave EZ-Way one week earlier regarding the damage, repairs, and estimate from another auto-body shop. I then head over to Enterprise to pick up a rental car. Within 10 minutes of arriving at Enterprise I received a threatening call from someone at EZ Way parking. I couldn't make out the name, but I suspect it was Pat. This person suspected I went around everyone and directly went to the repair shop without consent. I told this person that I spoke with Christie and he needed to speak with her to clear up the issue. I then emailed Christie to inform her of this conversation and to sort out the mess. She wrote back later that weekend and said she left a message with someone, I assumed the miscommunication on their part was resolved. I should have learned by now, that this company is completely dysfunctional and this would be mishandled.

    September 26th, 2007

    1 month+ after EZ-Way parking damaged my car, I called the Tecnaut auto body to get an update on the vehicle. David told me that no parts have been ordered and no progress has been made since the last information he received was that this repair was not scheduled. You can imagine my displeasure with this information. Once again, EZ Way parking's organizational dysfunction managed to screw up even a simple task, and when informed about the mix up, failed to correct it.

    I later received this email:

    Mr. K***,

    I just spoke with Mr. Wilson & I was misinformed with the information that I gave you, it was Mr. Wilson who you spoke with the other day who is my supervisor & who I answer to. After authorizing me to have you call David at Technaut & fix the damage again, David called Mr. Wilson once you brought the vehicle in to him questioning why you were dissatisfied with the repair. Mr. Wilson feels that the job done by Technaut was more than adequate & that we made every effort to repair the damage done to your vehicle & that the car does not need its bumper replaced. We have dealt with Technaut for 20 years & feel they repair relative to industry standards & have never had any complaints after a vehicle sent to them was repaired. Unfortunately, there is nothing further I can do for you at this point, Mr. Wilson will not pay to have the bumper replaced unnecessarily.

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  • Va
      20th of Oct, 2008

    Don't ever, ever, ever park your car here. My 2006 Nissas Altima got hit in this lot & I found somoene elses's keys in my car. After contacting Corey the manager, he instruced me to call Christie Brisco 973-465-7401 to take care of the repair. I must have called her 10 times with no return call. Corey also promised me to reimburse me for mailing the keys back to him which he never did.

    Do not ever, ever, ever use this lot.

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  • Lb
      15th of Dec, 2008

    Wish I had read these reports before I stayed there recently (Dec. 3-14, 2008). My experience is not nearly as bad as what I've read here. But I was very annoyed at waiting a 1/2 hour to get picked up at the airport to get my car. They did not tell me that their vans say EZ Way Four Points Sheraton. I knew I parked at a Crowne Plaza and on the Internet, they are listed as being with the Crowne Plaza. So I did not take the Sheraton van until the 3rd one passed. I am not from the Newark area, and still don't understand why their vans say Four Points Sheraton if they are located on the Crowne Plaza grounds. I also did not realize it was a valet service and not self-park. I don't like leaving my keys.

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  • 11
      15th of May, 2009

    It had just changrd to crowne plaza and I use them all the time people should pay attention to the same van that took them to the airport at the start of the trip

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  • Nj
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    I thought E-Z Parking was a great find and had used the facility twice with very good luck. Now I realize that it was just that - pure luck. The third time I made a reservation online, which requested a credit card and deposit. I showed up on Saturday, Feb. 13 in the morning at the time I said I would and was TURNED AWAY! The manager told me sorry, the lot was full.

    I was freaked. I had an international flight and was of course had timed everything assuming that I would arrive at the parking lot and have a relatively quick shuttle ride to the airport as in past times. When I asked the manager what I should do, he just said I needed to find parking elsewhere and he couldn't even give me any suggestions.

    I wound up parking in the airport economy parking for 3X as much as I had figured on spending.

    I think this is fraud and am intending to write letters of complaint to the company and any business fraud organization I can find.

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  • Su
      14th of Mar, 2010

    March 8th 2010: Long story short: 3 sets of customers (including my family) were waiting at EWR (Newark) airport close to 1 hour for the pickup to take us to the Parking Lot which is 2 minutes from the airport. We had called them atleast 11 times. One customer complained that they had almost emptied her gas tank.

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  • Cm
      26th of Apr, 2010

    What a nightmare this place is! they are completely disorganized, unprepared and the attendants have a terrible attitude. If they do ever answer the phone the lady on the other side has probably never been pleasant in her entire life. In her defense I would say the process and system they have has set her up for failure.

    Quick Highlights on why not to use this place:

    1- We waited well over an hour to be picked up from the airport and were repeatedly hung up on if the lady answered the phone at all when asking for an ETA.
    2- They mixed up the keys causing all sorts of chaos.
    3- Someone smoked and blew ashes all over our car.
    4- They were unprepared for a group to come in making the awful experience drag out much longer then necessary.
    5- Their credit card machines weren't working, forcing people to have to scramble to go find cash if they didn't have any on them.
    6- Did I mention the poor and unreliable service and terrible attitudes? I can assure you I will never use this place again and I highly recommend you avoid this place.

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  • An
      9th of Aug, 2010

    I find EZ Way parking to be the most awful airport parking lot EVER! I left my car there in April of 2010 only to find when I got back that my car had been broken into. It states clearly on their website that the facility has security cameras and fenced in etc. In short: over $8000 in damage was done to my car: driver side window smashed (tried to steal my rims), both leather seats were slashed, back bumper body kit was broke and my head lights had been stolen (so I couldn't drive home that night and had to stay in a hotel). The parking attendant also hit a curb and wrecked the brand new rim and tire that was placed on the car 4 days prior to leaving it there. They said that they would pay for the damage I just needed to fax everything to them. They gave me a name and number for Tom Wilson 973-465-4117 who never returned any phone calls to me or to the VW dealer.
    So needless to say I had to go through my insurance. So I am still out over $650 and trying to get it back. I filed a claim through the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the FTC about this place. They have numerous complaints and they both stated that anyone with a complaint should file through them so they can have enough evidence to pursue this horrible company! If they are able to find them liable for being an awful business you might be entitled to some of the settlement! So all of you who want to shut down this rediculous place of so called "business" please call the BBB or FTC.

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  • Mo
      20th of Nov, 2013

    They are the biggest thiefs and liars, after they said that the parking have cameras all over and it's secured parking, after I came back there were lots of my stuff stollen including my lap top computer that I shouldn't but reading that was a "secured" place i decided to leave it in the trunk and they still got into it and stole it, and no one seams to do anything or not even return my call, stay away from this place...

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  • Lo
      10th of Jun, 2016
    EZ Way Parking - No parking
    EZ Way Parking
    United States

    I have parked at this location a few times. There are times that I feel like little things are missing. few coins, tokens etc. Unfortunately, I kept parking at this place since I tried not to have anything valuable in the car when I park here. The last time I parked at EZ Way... Entering my car I noticed somethings a miss... papers, old receipts are all over the floor. When I looked closely, I noticed that the HAND BREAK COVER is MISSING!!!. Whoever did this pryed open the hand break console just to take the hand break cover. (he should have just asked me for money to buy this hand break cover - I would gladly give it to him). I went straight to the front desk to tell them what happened. They gave me a piece of paper to file my complaint and was told that the General Manager will be in on Monday and expect a phone call from him. It's been a month since this happened and I have to tell you... NO PHONE CALL FROM THE MANAGER YET!!! I learned my lesson, I told 8 colleagues who parks at this facility not no park here anymore. I would suggest you do too. Spend the extra dollar or 2 and spend an extra minute or 2 in the shuttle bus. At least you know that your car will be safe.

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