EZ Watch / Never again

1 United States

I agree with every bad comment that is negative because I to experienced the same.My system did not work correctly from day one however the company treated me like once you buy it, its yours good or bad.Whenever you buy somthing you should be able to open the box and the product should work, when it dosent you should be able to have a hassle free return or exchange ez watch wants to put you to work by playing mail tag and in some cases getting you to give them a deposit for sending or exchanging something in the case when a customer is telling you something it is wrong not to listen and to tell them that "it worked when I tried it" why in the world would most people"most" buy something just to give the company a hard time about it.We all want what we pay for, sure their are jackwads out their that is trying to get over but in my business I would rather give one [censored] something for nothing than to run of my customers or create a bad name for my company being most people that complain are legit in my case I own a sucessful business that is expanding but guess what, you lossed the 16 camera system going in my new restaurant and to fix my problem would have cost penuts to your company do the math who really lost.Then again it is not abount winning or lossing hopefully you will put yourself in the shoes you sell to, you might get a rality check.Remember, men lie, women lie, numbers dont and all the reviwes I am finding are all saying the same.Any questions call me.

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