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1 1500 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, IL, United States
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I was hired as an intern at this company. They took me on because of my marketing degree with ZERO SEO experience. I learned so much from one of the workers here. However the way I was cut short of my internship or dismissed was incredibly unprofessional. The content manager is straight up rude once you try to be nice to her. She was nice to me and acted like this is where i should be on the first day. After that she acted like i was a distraction and ruining everyones day there. Coworkers are straight up rude. 4 people left the company during my internship. I was also bullied by one of the workers who was there for 5 years. They saw it and did nothing about it. I was given no reason why My internship ended early. I also emailed the operations manager with no reply. (they cut me off 6 weeks instead of signed contracted 12 weeks ) Not to mention i spent almost 45 minutes signing my life away to a 3 MONTH Contract. Noted it said the internship could end anytime but they didnt even give any warning. Nor was i ever given any feedback during my internship until I was cut off. The company is run by a bunch of power hungry 20 year-olds who disrespect and pick on new hires. They don't care about anyone except on the very first day. After that, they don't care. It was a wonderful experience of what I learned in the world of SEO, however I was treated terribly after my first day onward. Etech is for people who graduated college or college kids looking for internship work. Nowhere is this place for a professional permanent work environment. Not to mention I never got my Internship questionaire that was promised at the end of the internship. The owner is super nice and I have nothing against him. Its the people that work there and they way the company is run that made me 4-5 week terrible.

Sep 29, 2014

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