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EZ Movers / E-Z movers are not movers, but con artists

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E-Z Movers lo-balled me on the estimate, and then when they came to make the move they said it would be up to $1000 more for packing materials. They said they need wrap everything with shrink wrap to protect it, pictures, chairs, tables, mirrors, etc. I told them to wrap them in blankets, but they refused. I called the company and cancelled at that time. They would not return any portion of my $675 deposit. The movers helpers told me they do the same thing to everyone. Most people end up paying because they have to be out on that day. I was able to find another mover who did the job for less money, no extra charges, and did an excellent job. E-Z movers are not movers, but con artists.

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  • Ge
      10th of Jul, 2010
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    They did the same to me with demanding extra payment for "bubble wrap" and if I did not agree I had to sign a waiver that they were not responsible for any damage. The waiver page states they are not responsible for missing cash, checks, jewelry or guns and non bubble wrapped items and any damage that occurs to furniture while attempting to move it either into or out of an area that poses "difficulties?" will not be insured. Right from the beginning, it is in the contract that all workers should receive a tip of ten to fifteen percent of the bill. I spoke with the supervisor by phone and he was gruff and insisted they have laws to follow and denied that the person who set up the move had promised the furniture would be stored free of charge for up to 30 days. They add on $157 for driving the truck back to their headquarters, so the total bill was $818.50, and if they stored it there, then the supervisor said it would cost probably another $700 to deliver it. So everything ended up at a local storage place with the first month free, but it was inconvenient and not the final destination. I think I was overcharged, and if not under time constraints, always get everything in writing first before agreeing to anything. The five workers only spoke Spanish so I could not communicate with them. The driver was also foreign and spoke pretty good English and was the translator. I will say that they worked hard and were polite, didn't complain, and had a good attitude and were grateful fore their tips. Do your research and go with a local mover for local moves with good testimonials.

  • Mi
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    That's what they did to me too!

    I was given a last minute figure to move (exceeding my estimate by over $ 1800)!!

    They are con artists!!!

  • Mi
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    Here is a clip from the BBB

    Customer Complaint History for E-Z Movers, Inc.
    When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.
    BBB processed a total of 136 complaints about E-Z Movers, Inc. in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 136 complaints closed in 36 months, 34 were closed in the last year.
    These complaints concerned :
    + 3 regarding Issue Not Defined

    + 17 regarding Billing or Collection Issues
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    4 - Failure to substantiate charges
    5 - None of the Above - Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue
    4 - Unauthorized bank debits
    1 - Unauthorized credit card charges

    + 14 regarding Contract Issues
    5 - Failure to honor a contract or agreement
    6 - None of the Above - Contract Complaint Issue
    2 - Unauthorized changes to the contract or agreement
    1 - Work performed outside the terms of the contract or agreement

    + 13 regarding Customer Service Issues
    4 - Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services
    2 - Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support
    2 - Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
    5 - None of the Above - Customer Service Complaint Issue

    + 28 regarding Delivery Issues
    3 - Late delivery of products
    1 - Late delivery of services
    8 - Non-delivery of products
    2 - Non-delivery of services
    14 - None of the Above - Delivery Complaint Issue

    + 3 regarding Guarantee or Warranty Issues
    1 - Disputed warranty coverage and/or terms
    1 - Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties
    1 - Failure to provide promised written warranty or guarantee

    + 1 regarding Product Issues
    1 - Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received

    + 18 regarding Refund or Exchange Issues
    9 - Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit
    6 - Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
    3 - None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

    + 5 regarding Repair Issues
    1 - Delayed completion of repair
    1 - Failure to honor request for parts after repair
    3 - None of the Above - Repair Complaint Issue

    + 7 regarding Sales Practice Issues
    1 - Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information
    1 - Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer
    3 - Sales presentation misrepresented the service
    2 - Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices

    + 27 regarding Service Issues
    3 - Delayed completion of service
    5 - Failure to honor service estimate or agreement
    7 - Improper or inferior service
    5 - None of the Above - Service Complaint Issue
    7 - Services resulted in additional damage (exp. Damaged product during shipping)

    These complaints were closed as:
    + 98 Resolved
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    76 - Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.
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    + 38 Administratively Closed
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    Mis-use of BBB Name by E-Z Movers, Inc.
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    The business was sent a letter on June 30, 2010 requesting that the business immediately cease claiming or implying in any way that E-Z Movers, Inc is an Accredited Business by removing the BBB Reliability report link from website.

    On July 26, 2010 E-Z Movers, Inc. was referred to the Council of BBB due to failure to cooperate with the BBB on advertising matters.

  • Al
      30th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    they did not deliver all our shipment and to top it off, there was a dead mouse on our water cooler-which we obviously now can't use. then the clothes they use to "protect" our furniture were SOAKED with oil and obviously destroyed our furniture! we put a claim and they said they were very sorry but they are not liable for that. they provide this website on their letter: but I can't login to complain. who else has had this problem??

  • Ja
      20th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Just like every other person on here that doesn't work for this company.. I had the most MISERABLE, STRESSFUL, and EXPENSIVE experience. I completely REGRET having these scam artists do my MOVE. I would have been better off renting a U-Haul and driving that across the country for what they scammed out of me. The day of my move, they showed up and demanded an extra $1, 000!! since I no longer had the option of looking for anyone else, I was FORCED to use them. ...just like the other posters..I was LIED TO .. they were callous and made derogatory remarks to me over the phone as well as screamed over the top of me. Since I was already in another state I had no choice but to use them. They are liars and thieves at best. PLEASE listen to what EVERYONE is saying and go somewhere else. The sales person is all sweet until he gets his claws into your checkbook. They will be charging you for your "FREE storage". Then they start racking up hidden fees and making up stuff to make more $$. They promise you your things in 7 days.. TRY 15 days! No phone call as to when they would be there, no professionalism.. I missed days of work because the sales guy kept quoting me different days when they would be here... no one called to tell me when they were going to be here ether... ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY!! I HATE this company... and obviously so do at least 152 other people who filed claims with the BETTER BUISNESS beaureu. These people are frauds and will destroy your property and make moving..which is already a stressful experience..absolutely MISERABLE

  • De
      8th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    they did it to me also damage my stuff and not trying to fix it for only 72.00

  • Li
      30th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    These people are the worst! They nothing but scam artists. They quoted us 4600 and on the day of the move 2 guys show up and walk into the front door and said we have a problem. They said it would cost 12000! We told them no way. We were now saddled with having to find an alternate and they refused to give us our 1100 down payment. Do not CALL this company or pay 10% down. Call Mayflower or United national movers who come to your house and give you an accurate quote with a binding contract.

  • Te
      27th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    OMG they stole our beloingings and fraudelently drained our bank account. How do we get these people shut down?!

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