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The same exact thing happen to me in ordering the Dazzle White product except I ordered 2 kits separately so I have double the charges. I am a dental assistant and ordered the sample to see if the product was worth recommending to patients. The product will work as far as whitening goes, but it is not worth $84.73. You can buy boil and fit athletic guards from Walmart for a couple of bucks, then place them over Crest White Strips, this would work better than EZ Bright or Dazzle White. Crest White Strips are better because you will not get the bleaching solution all over the soft tissue which will cause inflammation. With EZ Bright the solution is going to be all over the tissue because of the amount of bleach you are putting in trays that are not custom fit. Not to mention that if you are a smoker there is a slight risk of increasing your chances of oral cancer by getting that much solution on the soft tissue in long term use. Would I recommend HECK NO, based on the hidden trial charges and the dishonesty of the company. But for what it is worth the syringe of bleach from EZ Bright is about a $30 value.

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  • Ch
      Jul 03, 2009

    Report them to : and

    This fake blog is one of the ones promoting this scam:

    There are many more fake blogs such as this.

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  • El
      Nov 15, 2009

    Paul I do work as a csr for ez bright. We are not dazzle smile pro. If you do go to this site and do anything about refunds, they will have your info to charge you. In order to recieve a refund on ez bright you must call for a rma number(return merch number) withing the 7 days, and return it within so many days, call cs to get this info. Read the T&C closely before you buy any product. I want to say that we are EZ BRIGHT not EZ BRITE, DAZZLE WHITE, TEETH WHITE, ETC. Just EZ BRIGHT. I will provide you with the cs number you can call. Our hours are 9-5 p pacific time. I will also provide the correct website. I am also going to talk to my supervisors at work about some of these claims. i will be back with you guys shortly.

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