eyepothesis eye cream / Unauthorized charge to banking account

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At Christmas when I was ordering gifts on line from major department stores, I was required to answer a survey monkey survey before I could complete my order. So I was to be sent a trial of this eye cream for $1.03. I didn't even get a chance to call and tell the company to not send any more before the shipments began showing. When I checked my banking statements, there wasn't a phone number so I could contact the company. Now I have 2 shipments that are $89.32 that I did not order, nor do I want. I am concerned if I ship them back I won't get a refund. Obviously by reading the complaints about this company, there are plenty of other customers who have been ripped off by the same tactics. This is a scam and I want my account protected without having to close it in order to protect it against this type of fraud. Thank you. J Hilton. I do not have proof photo's at this time, but can provide if someone contacts me for the evidence. I have both boxes with the shipment inside and can provide the section of bank statement reflecting the charges. Please call my cell at 828.781.0300 and I will fax the evidence.

Mar 17, 2013

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