SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Lens replacement order

Syracuse, NY, United States
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Placed order with credit card info, not knowing EyeGlassPeople in TX had gone belly up and was now resurrected in Syracuse, New York.

I paid for prepaid mailing (both ways) order indicated shipping label was attached, it was not.

This began two weeks of calls to their support line and support email. The phone was never answered even once - and I called throughout the day. The email was ignored as well.

After two weeks I replied to the order confirmation asking to cancel my order.

Today, 3.5 weeks after I get an automated email asking why they had not received my frames for the lens replacement. I attempted to reply and the email bounced back as the server and domain were inaccessible.

I called, and actually got a person. I canceled my order and then asked that all my information be removed from their systems, including my credit card information.

Here's what I got, "$#*! you, what part of your order has been canceled do you not understand!"

Aug 03, 2016

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