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Eye Care Centers Of America / Refunds and Customer Service

1 EyeMastersArlington Texas San Antonio, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-669-1183

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a pair of glasses from your Eyemasters #65 store in Arlington Texas on June 26, 2009 with CASH, no insurance. The person that helped me took some time and helped me find the perfect frames. I told her and showed her the glasses I would be replacing. The lens are Nikon with Progressives and Transitions, AR, Scratch Resistance. I can see all around with no problems. The new ones I got at Eyemasters were awful! I could not see in them and they gave me headaches and ill. When I picked up these new glasses, the person that dispensed them, looked at me old ones and stated that these new ones will be hard to get used to and are not near as good a lens as my old ones. He was right! I've tried to wear them, but I can't without getting headaches and ill. I called this morning and spoke with Brian in the lab. I explained the situation and he advised me to speak with the GM Brad. I understood that lunch would be between 12 noon and 1pm so I arrived at 1:45pm. Both were at lunch so I didn't get to see them until around 3:35 - $4:00. Brad was very nice and did the paperwork for the refund. He stated that the progressives were aligned wrong for one thing and a lens that would work better for me, your company does not offer. I wanted my money back then, but was told that it had to be issued by check from corporate. That is ridiculous! I paid in cash and wanted my money back right then! I can't replace my glasses until I get my money back! It is bad enough that I had to wait to get these in, they weren't correct, now I have to order them through somewhere else and wait another 10 days AFTER I get my money back from your company! So, I get to run around without glasses since my old ones are broken, hence why I got another exam and wanted to buy new glasses from you. I NEED MY MONEY BACK NOW! I understand that you don't want your stores to have too much cash on-hand, but they didn't deny taking my $279.99 in cash. Suppose I would have used a credit card and then told my credit card company I was disputing this because of the error? They would have refunded the money back to me and I still would have your glasses! Someone really needs to review this policy! I didn't use insurance, so there really should not be an issue. I need my new glasses NOW. Please contact me asap and advise where I can pick up my check. I should not have to drive down to San Antonio to get it nor have to wait to receive my money. Your company would not have ordered my glasses without me paying for them first, because you didn't trust me to purchase them. Now, I'm suppose to trust you to the point that I will receive my check/cash in a timely manner? I want to pick up my check/cash from your store in Arlington Texas at The Parks at Arlington Mall Tuesday, July 7, 2009. I'll expect a call from you all in the morning. I tried calling your customer service from 4:15p until 5pm Monday with only receiving voice mail. Brad had also tried to call you all. He also tried faxing the refund but the lines were busy. I even spoke to someone in another department there and she spoke to the person at [protected] and that person said to transfer me to her. When she did, I got her voice mail too! Then, I called [protected] and spoke with John. He personally went over to customer service to find someone and everyone but 1 person was gone! He said she was on a call and he knew that when she got off that call, she was leaving. As I stated, no one answered the phone even prior to closing time! Ridiculous! I need to pick up my refund tomorrow.

Rosalyn L. Newman
Refund Number 270134
Orig. RX Number 269695

I received a call today from Julie at [protected]. She was very rude and the only reason why she called me back was because I left a message on her voice mail and since another employee transferred me directly to her line, there is a record. She gave me a BS story that by paying cash, it isn't as safe as paying with a credit card and that the stores don't like having a lot of cash there. They accepted the cash gleefully! They didn't state that they would prefer another form of payment. She stated that it would be at least 14 days before I would receive my refund even though the cut off date for checks is tomorrow (Wednesday). She stated that tomorrow's cut off is for refunds that were processed 2 weeks ago. This company really lacks customer service and for them, it is the bottom line...getting to keep your money as long as possible or completely. For all of the voice mail messages I've left, I've only received 1 call back. I was told that a manual check can be issued by the Territory Director and Brad, the GM is trying to contact him for verification of that. But, so far, nothing has been really accomplished other than my blood pressure rising and my very ugly view of this company and it's policies. They were quick to tell me when I paid for the glasses that I could get a refund within 30 days of purchase as well as when I picked up the glasses. At no time did they mention that a check would have to be issued...even though I paid them with cash in their store. I am posting this letter to all online complaint boards so others will know exactly what kind of company Eye Care Centers of America aka Eyemasters and their other subsidiaries are and how they operate.


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