Extreme Painting Auto Body Works / Beware customer

I, Clay W. Altman, contracted Keith Eveland Extreme Painting Auto Body Works to do body work and paint on my car.

This was my communication to initiate the business on 11/30/07:

Keith Eveland

Extreme Painting and Auto Body Works



1. Body Work and Paint Car and Bumpers

(including undercarriage Rustoleum)

2. Installing rubber gaskets/weather stripping (doors/hood/trunk)

3. Installation/Fabrication for Roll Bar

4. Installing Door Panels (plus sound proof panels?)

5. Installing Front Fender Panels

6. Installing Snaps for Convertible roof

7. Refinishing top and rear bow (convertible roof mechanicals)

8. Installing Dash Kit

Need estimates and timeline for each (or all collectively) please.

Clay Altman


I received a verbal quote of $2500 for body work, exterior/interior and undercarriage painting.

Keith Eveland was given (2) bank checks totaling $2500 (I HAVE COPIES).

Items 2-8 were part of a trade agreement. Clay Altman to design a logo, website and door sign for Keith Eveland in trade for the completion of

items 2-8 above. Clay Altman designed the logo, website ( and door sign (plus designed/printed business cards at no charge). Clay Altman incurred outsourced/time expenses of $3000 to complete above trade items. (I HAVE COPIES OF ALL MARKETING MATERIALS COMPLETED).


The car was dropped off at his shop on sunset drive, Waukesha on November 30, 2007. The car was NOT ready for pick up until 6-17-08. The following is a series of email communications on what was not done and what was done substandard: (I have ALL email communications with Mr. Eveland if they�re needed)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 12:40 PM

Hi Keith-

I hope you are doing well. I received your voice mail not long ago, but wasn't able to hear/understand much of your message. Please let me know ASAP when my kit car can be scheduled for repainting. There are too many areas that need to be redone than I can describe in email.

Also, the driver's seat was not covered properly, and is now so full of paint that it is a completely different color than the passenger side. Please let me know what you can do about that.

I also have made a short list of parts that HAVE TO BE at your shop...1 rear tailight chrome and lense, 1 bumper trim, 1 headlight ring that I ordered that was still in it's package, among other small things.

Please let me know as soon as possible when these things can be corrected to avoid any complications.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008 11:30 AM

As far as the paint job goes, you're going to have to do more than buff...there's 3-4 substantial runs, the hood and passenger front fender have LARGE areas that are scratched...looks like someone rubbed the areas with something abrasive. There are numerous small areas on the car that are missing paint all together. The underside of the wheel wells are NOT finished in black. Both bumpers are VERY inconsistent with paint and clear coat...they go from smooth and shiny to dull and rough. Under the front hood you started to spray black, but did an area of a foot or two then looks half finished. Same with the engine compartment. You said you would spray that didn't get done at all. The back grill that was done in flat black has areas that didn't get, there's flat black paint smeared on the trunk lid itself. There are areas on the dash and the door tops that you didn't do the body work at all..still chipped/rough...

Monday, July 28, 2008 9:36 AM

If you cannot get me in the next week, I require that you refund my $2500 that I paid you in full with two Wells Fargo bank checks. The more I work on the car, the more I'm finding wrong with the body/paint work your shop has done. I've had a reputable body/paint shop owner look over the car as it was left for me outside of your shop. The findings are pretty blatant. The car requires a complete redo on paint, the car requires paint on areas that you were supposed to paint but never did, and there are numerous body issues that need to be corrected that were never touched the first time around.

We also need to address the parts that were NOT returned to me and the parts that were damaged by your shop. Bumper trim is missing (1 @ $65.00 plus shipping - Vintage Speedsters, CA), New tail light chrome and lense is missing (1 @ $110.00 plus $8.00 shipping- "p-speedster" ebay store), overspray on the entire drivers seat - completely damaged (1 @ $335 plus shipping - Vintage Speedsters, CA), Drivers side door panel that random holes were put into, completely damaged (1 @ $125 plus shipping)

The car was brought back to Keith Eveland for a complete rework in August 2008. Clay Altman reviewed progress on the car 9/6/08 and reported to Keith Eveland that the undercarriage wasn�t done, trunk and engine compartments weren�t done, bottom portion of car had NO clearcoat. Many areas of chipping and paint smudging and running were found and reported.

The car was picked up by Clay Altman on 9/15/08. Eveland�s business was locked and the car was left outside with keys in it. The was left uncovered and had ½ inch of rain water inside.

The following email was sent the next day, 9/16/08:

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Clay Altman <caltman AT> wrote:

Well, we picked up the car yesterday��and, my fears were confirmed :(

Not sure how long you left the car outside uncovered, but in was floating with water. Now the shifter boot metals are rusting and so are the front horn grill hardware.

I haven't even inspected the entire car, but here's what I saw when I got to your shop...

1. Engine compartment still NOT painted

2. Underneath/wheel wells still NOT painted

3. Dash still NOT corrected/re-painted (chip is still around gauge and still looks like it did when I inspected on 9/6/08

4. Front bumper has what looks like water spots on it��not clear coated in areas�looks terrible

5. Front hood has scratches and what looks like water spots or dull spots on it

6. Still NO clearcoat on some areas of the lower part of the car

7. front seat still Looks terrible��tons of paint residue that was NOT removed or cleaned off

8. Trunk grill NOT re-painted at all��we talked of a gloss black. It's still flat with paint missing in areas

I'm really not certain how you sleep at night, taking peoples money and delivering such horrible work. It's like a lot of this work was done with your eyes closed��how any given person in good conscience could hand over work like this is beyond me!!!

Please deliver to my home the missing door panel (upon it's completion), the NEW tailight and the missing headlight ring that you still have. Also, write down what brand/paint was used so the next shop can match it exactly.

It's obvious I will have to pay to take it to reputable body shop when I can afford it. This whole situation has been DISHONEST and SHADY. My wife and I will have to discuss what we are going to do about this...

Continued email communications:

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 2:32 PM, Clay Altman <caltman AT> wrote:


Please let me know when I can expect my door panel, headlight ring and tail

light. The longer this goes on the worse it gets.


On 9/27/08 10:56 AM, "Keith Eveland" <extremekeith AT> wrote:

about this time next week with the tail light and door panal that head light ring your talking about is unone those went home with you.

This guy still has not made good on the paint, body work, repayment, replacement of parts and return of parts. Beware...this guy runs things borderline criminal.


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