Extreme Mastering StudiosTerrible company

I purchased a mastering order with EMS for $140.00. It was an advance order and I didn't submit any material prior to their sudden closing and removal of website. I've seen the response from the claimed new owner of their sellout and I've seen the previous owner's rebuttal.

What I can't understand is that if they are all sincere about making good on outstanding purchases or refunding the purchase holders then why did all of this come about after they removed all avenues of contact? I never was able to get anyone to answer the listed phone # on the website, even when trying to purchase the order. I did get responses to the e-mails I sent, and in fairness to them it wasn't always a form letter.

I made my purchase thru Paypal and am curious as to how it will be refunded (if indeed it will). I still have my order # on file. It just seems strange to me that I had to come here to [redacted] to find out that they're going to make good on all outstanding claims. There is still no way to contact any of them as far as I know. If anyone ever got them to answer their listed phone # (even while they were in business) please reply.


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