1 India

Dear Mr Daniel

We are at a difference time zone we are ahead for about 12 hrs New York time
so when its day here it night in US and vice versa so we could not answer
your call.

We tried calling the number given by you told person about the ticket
number.We put on hold for about 15 minutes but nobody answered.

Our main concern is that we are using your your Extreme Fax service for past
several years and our number is distributed as a permenant number. We want
to renew our account but when we login to our account we are asked for our
password which we do not remember. Our Credit Card number as given to you is
still active but to prevent online fraud & other malpractice an OTP number
is generated and has to be filled in for verification and then only the fund
is transacted.

So to renew our account we request you to kindly send a new password so that
we can login and renew our account online by our self OR You can send us by
Email ([protected] registed with extreme fax) a link by means of
which we can once again punch in a new password and renew our account.

We shall appreciate your immediate cooperation as very soon our deadline
will cross by and we do not want to loose this number [protected]


Dinesh Kumar
DS International
Email ID registed with you: [protected]
Old number: + [protected]
New Number: + 91 [protected]

----- Original Message -----
From: "Daniel De Leon" <daniel.[protected]>
To: <[protected]>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 7:05 PM
Subject: Disconnected Call [ ref:_00D80aRUX._50080IZbGd:ref ]

> We apologize for the inconvenience that the call got disconnected. We
> tried to contact you at +91 [protected] but unable to reach you. Please
> call us back at [protected] and give the ticket number [protected] for
> further assistance.
> Thank you for choosing RingCentral as your communications provider!

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