[Resolved] EXTRAIMFraud, non working services, SCAM

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Dear All,
Kindly beware is a fraudent company, when you buy their service, they tell you this is the old version (Even though their website is never updated) and they omit lots of the services claiming this is only for the newer version which costs more and then they start giving you fake solutions so that 2 months pass and finally claim that you used their services and you cannot get your money back ...
They will claim, they will give excuses but this is the truth.. your money will be wasted

We paid them and they started making excuses to gain time and then their answer was we are not charity we will not refund you nor give you service ...

  • Resolution statement

    This was a special case and a misunderstanding between both of the companies, extraim took its initiative to fix the issue that was there for long time and so did we, so this issue was completely solved preserving the mutual good of both parties

Jan 27, 2015
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