Extra Spasce Storage / Lack of Customer Service and Return Phone Calls

1 Farmington Hills, MI, United States

The site on Grand River is not Customer Service friendly at all. The on Site Consultant will not give you all your options, instead he will tell you crazy stories about what has happened at the different storage facilities.

You will be lucky to ever meet the Manager who happens to be the Site Consultants husband ! She (the site manager) never returns requested calls or is no where to be found. Maybe she is raising their kid and he is running the place.
If you are fortunate to speak with the District Manager then she will lie and be very rude to you. If you call [protected] which is corporate - leaving message, it will not get returned. If the kind receptionist transfers you to the operations manager, Collin Dunkin, no matter how many messages you leave don't plan on a return call. Corperate Office will do NOTHING for a customer let alone recognize that that you have been a paying customer!
If you have a problem with your unit don't expect these people to help fix the door or the unit. They would rather try and sell you $9 a month of insurance and tell you to go replace your items that may be of intrinsic value to you.

They will hold your unit hostage and treat the storage is if it is a Franchise that is allowed to make unilatteral decisions on there own.

Oh and for security - I had forgotten my code and office was closed - I literally walked on to the sight and nobody questioned who I was !

Look anywhere but here ... You will be surely disappointed ...or be without contents ...because if you have to leave the state of Michigan you will never see your items or valuables again!

Don't make this place let alone this company your choice!

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