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extra insurance coverage / will not concede to the insurance

1 Franklin, PA, United States

I had my taxes done 2 years ago and they suggested I lised every one in my house hold, they said it was required. At tha time we had foster children, that I went through all the rigamoroll, with the court system, and they had my name on the check, that they paid every month. To back up I live with my girlfriend of 20 years, and her 2 grand children are the children we went through childrens and youthserviced of Vanengo County. As it happened I had to work, the day they gave us complete custodyof the children so they just put them in my girlfriends name. Anyway H & R claimed them on my taxes in the year 2005 any every thing went ok. Then they claimed them for the year2006 and the IRS said that I couldnt claim them because my name wasnt on the final papers, but my name was still 0n the check. The point Iam trying to make I took out the extra insurance if they mess up Iam covered, I had people.
but when it came down to the return, they said they couldnt do anything that the insurance was just for auditing ther instruction on what to do, and it states that if they make a mistake thjey will cover it . They lie, I paid for insurance for nothing, and I would have never tried to get more money for the children, we had them for 2 years before that and didnt claim them It was H & R Blocks idea and they wont back it up.
I dont know what to do.

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