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Extended Auto Warranty's / Unsolicited Telemarketing Calls

1 11816 Eton Manor DriveGermantown, MD, United States

I wish to lodge a complaint on National Auto Warranty and its subsidiary United Auto Warranty. My household has been continually bombarded with telemarketing calls from these two company's for the past year or so. These calls are costing me money and they are taking time away from my work when I answer them. My husband and I use pay-as-you go cell phones and they both have received these unwanted calls. Whether we pick up on the call or not, we still get charged for it. That is just the way that system works. I have had to install a second landline in the hopes that I wouldn't continue to get these calls. I have never given out this new number to any one except my co-workers. They're getting these calls as well so they're not going to divulge that number.

I work from home for a medical transcription company as their virtual administrative assistant. One of my primary duties is to answer very busy phone lines. When I began working with ZyDoc in April 2008, I was using my household landline and I did not have any idea of where the phone calls were coming from either for us or for my employer ZyDoc. The calls kept coming in on an almost daily basis, sometimes up to 5 times a day. I decided to have a second line installed just for work. I thought that would make it easier on me to deal with unwanted telemarketing calls. I have never divulged that second line number to any one but my co-workers. I could understand where my first household landline got on solicitation lists because I order frequently onine. That is how I shop for 99% of things I need. With this new phone line, I was hoping to eliminate these calls. That plan didn't work. Within a few weeks of having this line activated back in March 2009, I began receiving calls from these two company's. I activated the ACR feature on that line. They have gotten slick. Once they realize that I have a feature to block their calls from coming thru, they will call back with a bogus name and number. I have tried calling these numbers before to no avail as they aren't even set up to receive an inbound call.

I have searched the internet in vain trying to find some way to contact someone at these company's that I was going to report them to County, State and Federal authorities for ignoring my multiple reequests for removal but I can't find any real contact information. They have to be operating out of an outbound call center.

I have had our cell phones and our first landline registered with the National Do Not Call Registry since that became active. When I had this second line installed and activated, I added that number as well. However, adding this second line somehow made it seem to the system that I haven't been registered for more than 31 days so I am unable to file a complaint with the FTC. I have contacted the AG for Maryland and was routed to the FTC. When I am finally able to lodge a complaint with the FTC, I will do so but, in the meantime, I want to start the complaint process somehow.

The only thing that I want is for these annoying calls to stop. I bet I have racked up at least a couple of hundred dollars worth of my time that I have had to take my attention away from work to deal with these pests. I can't understand how these two company's are still allowed to be able to operate. They are already under indictment in federal court from a suit filed by Verizon.

I feel sorry for the many people that they have managed to convince that their "product" is needed. Not only are the warranty's bogus but, they are terribly expensive. My father spoke with one of their reps once and they told him that the way they worked is the "purchase price" was financed for $700 a month and it supposedly covered everything on the vehicle that was registered with the warranty. Thankfully, my father had enough sense to realize that the quoted amount to "extend" his truck's warranty was too high for him to worry about and he hung up. Unfortunately, that didn't keep them from not continuing to call his number. He's 77 years old and he goes to sleep early. They call and wake him up. They are scrupulous about not calling after 9 pm or before 9 am. That's about the only thing I can say for them.

I don't know if filing this complaint will really be of any benefit and get them to stop but at least I could vent my frustrations out with others that have been going thru the same aggravation that I have been. I hope you can help.

Sue Schmitt

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