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Our company has been being harassed by Express Transaction Services for over 6 months. It all started in the spring when one of their people hooked a lady in our office with the questions on whether our debit/credit machines were working properly for us ... that lead into whether or not we needed paper. Turns out we needed paper at the time so she agreed to the order - when received the order and the invoice, it was quiet a shock. So we decided we wouldn't take the second shipment of the order, well that was just not happening I couldn't get through to anyone and when I finally did I was informed we were now obligated to take the second part of the shipment.
So when it came we just didn't accept it and it was returned to sender. And for a while that seemed to be sufficient, until today we get another call insisting we accept the second portion of our shipment, needless to say after being talked very rudely too and offended we basically told the "Paul" that was on the other end of the receiver we would not be accepting his second shipment.
We hope that this will help someone in the future that is or has had dealings with this terrible excuse for a company.

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  • Ce
      Mar 29, 2010

    A sales rep from Express Transaction Services (ETS) called our company and misrepresented itself as the business we normally deal with for ordering debit terminal supplies.
    Our employee who answered the phone was quite clear that we did not require any more paper rolls as our stock was recently replenished. The ETS sales rep then wanted to confirm which model of debit terminal we owned, our staff member gave the model number but DID NOT request any product.

    Approximately one week later, a package arrived from ETS containing what i estimate to be $20.00 worth of paper rolls. With an invoice for $150.00 and then a few days later an additional invoice of $200. This is obviously a malicious scam, it's hard to justify how $20.00 of paper could possibly be worth $350.00.

    When the package arrived I immediately called ETS to return the order. This is the most interesting part: even though their invoice states that there is a return policy, my experience tells me that ETS has no intention of allowing any return to go through. I called their 1-800 number and
    I was put in touch with a character called Nadeen, I told Nadeen that there must be a mistake and I would like to return their product, Nadeen answered that she did not like my tone and attitude, and because I had been 'rude' to her she would not allow me to make the return. For the record, at this point I was not at all rude, nor did i display a bad attitude or tone, I simply wanted to make a return! It seemed as though Nadeen was fabricating a situation that could justify her not allowing the return to be processed. I demanded to speak to another representative or her manager but again, she told me that she would not allow me to speak to anybody else because she wanted to protect her co-workers from my 'bad attidude'. I hung up the phone and redialed in hopes of getting another representative, but only Nadeen answers the phone, EVERY TIME!

    I then told nadeen that I would return their package even if i had to pay the shipping myself but nadeen assured me that the package would be rejected... Why? because she did not like my bad attitude. She did however remind me though that I had $350.00 outstanding and that if i did not make payment soon, then she would make a claim against my credit.

    What can i do? I googled Express Transaction Services and the only thing that pops up are dozens of cases of people being scammed.

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  • To
      Aug 18, 2010

    This is exactly what happen to us in the last week and it was Also Nadeen. I called back 3 times and she told me the same thing!!!

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  • To
      Aug 18, 2010

    This is exactly what happened to us 8/14/10 and it was also Nadeen that told me the same thing. She must of insulted me a dozen times and said she didn't like my bad attitude, I asked to speak to her boss or the owner and she said she wouldn't allow this to go on anymore.
    Is there anything I can do? How do I get rid of this order I didn't order? Can anyone help?

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  • Al
      Feb 14, 2011

    Total Fraud, I've been getting harassing calls from EXTS for over a year. Call Phonebusters! They are a division of the RCMP that investigate phone scams. Report EXTS to them. Unfortunately, the RCMP doesn't put a lot of resources into this division so don't expect anything to happen. But you will be glad to find out that your credit will never be affected. No credit agency will take them on! When you get a call from them and you will again and again (this is their tactics, to harass you until you pay) They will misrepresent themselves as being from a collections agency, again their tactics are to wear you thin, make you cave too the harassing phone calls and pay. The person at phonebusters told me that the calls wont stop from them but to just ignore them, The longer your on the phone with them the more they'll call. ALSO CALL OR WRITE W5 [protected] and ask them to do a story on them im sure that Express transaction services would not want to be on the news again ( Story here

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  • Ba
      Oct 25, 2011

    SCAMMERS - Their practices and pricing is fraudulent. One of my staff members received a phone call from a sales department saying, "we just received a phone call from your office to make an order for interact paper rolls". The sales department quoted the machine model number that we use. At this stage the staff member thought that I had made an order from my home office and that it appeared legitimate because they quoted the machines exact model number. The sale department confirmed with our staff member that the order was for 2 box. The sales department said that their shipping department would call in 10 minutes to confirm our shipping address, however they quoted our address over the phone. Sure enough the shipping department rang to confirm the address and asked my staff member how we would be paying. My staff member knows that we make all payments by cheque upon receipt of an invoice. The shipping department said they would send the invoice with the paper products. My staff member reported the incident to me and I rang our normal paper supplier who said that they hadn't called us and that we should ring Phonebusters.
    The products arrived. I didn't pay the bill. I forgot to return the goods. Their credit department rang and insisted that we paid and that even if we paid for the return of the goods it was outside of the 30 days and they would not accept it. I googled Express Transactions and sure enough they are a scam business - be aware. Also the cost of two box of paper rolls $222.54 which is at least 4x higher than our normal supplier. I will be reporting the incident to the RCMP - if I get any information that could help others I'll let you know.

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  • Vi
      Nov 24, 2011

    I love it! I will be sure to send them an invoice as well! They have been nothing but a hassle to deal with. I would suggest calling CBC like I have and also filing a complaint with the Competions Bureau

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