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Express Transaction Services calls companies and convinces their receptionists into believing that they are selling products on behalf of their debit/credit machine suppliers. Our receptionist believed they were calling from our debit/credit machine supplier and agreed to accept an order of paper. They wanted to send two entire cases and she said that one would be sufficient. The invoice arrived before the supplies and we paid it thinking that they were reliable as is our debit/credit machine suppliers that we have been dealing with for years. The rolls of paper were incomplete and dirty. We called and the lady who answered said that they do not accept returns or refunds. We decided to take it as a loss. We assumed this was over. Two months later they call again saying that because of the "discount" provided on the last order, that we are obligated to accept this order. I guess the discount was that they only sent one case rather than two, which cost approximately $150. Our receptionist, at this point, had figured out that they are fraudulent by looking at complaint boards, etc. She said We do not want any supplies from your company. They argue with you, they are rude, and they are very unprofessional when talking to you on the phone. She told her we are not obligated to buy anything from your company, we never signed any kind of contract, please don't send anything because it will be returned. Our receptionist followed up with a written fax to ETS telling them very professionally to not send any products to our company and to please stop calling. Finally, we heard from them again a few months later with the same speech about how we are obligated to accept their order. This time, the receptionist had the Manager speak with the lady. His calmness, professionalism and audacity really made the lady mad and she hung up on him. The next day she had her "Manager" call our office and try to pull the same scam. He even said: Well, if you accept this order and pay this invoice, then we won't bother you again. When our Manager told him this was extortion and harassment, he got very mad and he yelled at him and hung up.
Do not trust anyone from this company. They are experts at scamming and bullying people. They have somehow managed to do this all over Canada and some of the United States as well.

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      Oct 07, 2010
    Express Transactions - Interac machine rolls
    Braid Flooring Ltd.

    2 years ago Express Transactions phoned and our receptionist (only been here 3 days) answered. They said to her that they were shipping a new box of visapaper rolls. She said ok. When the product got here I asked where it came from because I knew that we always used a different supplier and that I was the person to do the ordering. So we sent the product back by Purolator and Express Transactions refused the shipment so it came back to us and is still sitting here. We have been getting calls from them and a so called Collection Agency (of course they won't give me their name, business name or phone number). To day I received another call from this so called agency and the woman was very rude and I threatened to contact the police if they call again. I informed her again that they can have their product any time just come and pick it up but that is totally ignored. DO NOT EVER DEAL with this company. They are fraudulent and rude. We will never be paying this bill and I will press charges if they call again. I've had it .

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