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The company calls under the pretense of a survey asking about what products we use for our POS system and debit machines. They end the conversation saying that someone will be calling to do qaulity check on their conversation to ensure that the employee who conducted the survey was proffesional

2 days later a package arrives with printer rolls and an invoice. When you call to say that you never ordered this they claim that the order was okayed in the first phone call and the second phone call was to confirm the order.

They will not take back the product and refuse to deal with you on the phone.

This is defintely a scam and I have filed a complaint with the BBB

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  • He
      Jul 07, 2009

    Under false pretenses the Company will call for a survey asking about your printer rollls for your POS and dbit machines. They then say that someone will be calling to follow up to see if they conducted the survey professionally.

    2 days later a package will arrive with printer rolls and an invoice. When you call the represenative claims that you did order the product and that they even followed up with a call to confirm.

    They will not take the product back and continue to send invoices.

    This is defintely a scam.

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  • Wi
      Sep 24, 2009

    I have dealt with them and have filed a complaint also. I continue to receive bills and am going to ship their products back to them although they say they will refuse to accept them. The reps on the phone are abusive.

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  • Ta
      Feb 19, 2010

    All your comments are quite right.

    I was also tricked by them with a phone call. during business hours when I was busy with customers, saying they were holding 2 boxes of interac paper rolls at "the old price" for my store before "the price went up in a month". I still had a couple boxes of my rolls, but had just started my store a few months earlier, so I was easily taken and naturally thought 'Wow, that's great!'. Of course, when they delivered it, I was also busy with customers and had only time to sign for "2 simple white boxes" because the send it via "courier" (who has been paid to deliver it) and didn't open them until later, at which point I found out the fact.

    It was recommended by a colleague to call RCMP Phone Busters and they told me to write a letter to them saying I wouldn't accept the delivery because it was sold under false representation and they had 30 days to come pick it up or I would throw it in the rubbish bin. They sent their bill 3 times after I know they received my letter- via fax the next day and post a few days later (and they are still coming, of course). They waited until 2 months after to call me about it, at which point, of course, their so-called 30 day return policy had expired enough for their liking, and demanded payment saying the letter wasn't acceptable because I accepted the product. This is now about 3 months after and they are called back under the guise of a collection agency (which they won't offer you the name of) that will argue your predicament for ETS (even though they say they are not affiliated)! Haha!

    They use Skype when they call you, so the phone number on the display is something like [protected] and, of course, you can't return the call at that number, or track it for that matter.

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  • Pl
      Mar 09, 2010

    We as well have had a negative experience with Express Transactions.

    They have contacted us asking us to pay invoices from 2007 that they cannot produce paperwork on.
    They demanded that we pay them 900 dollars IMMEDIATELY and have been pestering us ever since.
    We have only owned our business for less than one year and they are asking for personal information to verify the sale!!

    The number for Express Transactions is:

    Ext 3106

    Stephanie is the namer of the scammer, so please be careful!!

    Edmonton, Alberta

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  • Ma
      Jul 22, 2010

    This company has been harassing us for a good 6 months, a sales lady by the name of "Happiness" calls demanding for funds asap. I've once returned the boxes that came and she claims that she never received them. From this day she's been calling and calling, demands for payment, and that she has a "voice" authorization, we've asked for a written statement for the collection agency she works for and she claims she works for a collection agency called COMEXCO, I researched on the internet and the only thing that came up was a Uranium trades company NOT a Collection agency. Every time we ask for a written statements she never sends one, she just keeps calling and calling, and even calls my boss's parents home in Alberta...

    This company is obviously out for our money and I hope that someone out there has a solution to get this company off our backs.


    Vancouver, BC

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  • Sc
      Jul 12, 2011

    Yeah this company has been going on now for 2 years now and 5 times saying this was the last shipment to close my file still getting harrassing phone calls and wont let me close this file. We agree with all complaints something needs to be done!!!

    Port Burwell, Ontario

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  • Bu
      Feb 16, 2012

    I'm retired now but during a 40+ year career I did most of the purchasing for the companies I worked for.

    Two "tricks" I learned - to stop 'scammers' such as Express Transaction Services Inc., dead in their tracks was ... to ask a one simple question at a very early stage in the call - then, make one simple statement at the end.

    Yes, I know how difficult it is to get some (many?) of these people to 'stop reading the script' and actually listen -BUT- that is exactly what you must (repeat, MUST) do. How do you get them to stop? Wait a bit, they will have to breathe, then ... Politely, but in a loud voice, say, "I have a question." Do this until they ask, what is your question?" (You may have to say, "Unless you stop and answer my question, I will hang up.") Give them two or three chances. If they don't stop ... hang up.

    Most will stop and will ask what your question is. When they do, the question to ask is ...


    Do NOT allow them to continue until they provide a 'logical answer.' When you get the answer, you will know whether you wish to let them continue or not.

    Regardless of how the call goes, presuming you do not wish to actually make a purchase, at the end of the call, clearly state ...


    Believe me, these 'tricks' DO work ... here is why.

    Trick # 1 - the question: Telemarketers will be thrown off balance so ... will answer that question, usually with some degree of truth. You now have 'real information' to allow you to decide whether to terminate the call or not.

    Trick # 2 - the statement: Telemarketers use a recording of the call as a 'purchase order.' If at any time during the call you happen to use the 'fateful word' "YES" they will interpret the yes as 'order approval.' By making the statement, you have left them with NO authorization - they can not bill you and will not want to continue.

    I hope this helps.

    Roy, PEI

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