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Express transaction services contacted an employee of my business to sell debit tape and made it sound like they were the company that we purchased from .she accepted and when the product came we realized it was a terrible product, highly over priced and not what we wanted . we did manage to make contact with some one at ets and the product was returned.To avoid future problems i told the company to remove us from there call out list and to never contact us again.Once again a call came and ironically (or something else), i was out of the country, like last time, and an employee accepted the goods. I made 15 calls to the company upon returning home and seeing the product, as they insist you need a authorization number to get full refund, to no avail. Many times i have waited on hold for 8-9 minutes!I eventually sent the product back and it did not get picked up at there address.I have also faxed the company letting them know the whole story and were the product is. So far i have received one notice saying i owe them with interest approx 320.0 dollars! This is a ridiculous amount for the product in the first place and i, m yhe one who has made all the effort to reply.Judson

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      Mar 19, 2011

    I also had an employee do the same and just received the bill today. It is mar 18 2011, i thought i would put the date on this so other people know it is still happening..I read another artical on the same company and that police shut them down in 2007 but they are back up and running...

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