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1 59 Bolton street, Dublin, Ireland
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Two years ago I decided to give laser hair removal
I have found this company on the Internet
I started and paid 12 treatments, it was painful but I thought was normal
Hair was not gone after all these treatment, I consulted another technician who advised me to call the person and tell her to ask a refund or free treatment
I was offered the free treatment which I took and two weeks ago I felt burning very painful
She did not use cooking gel and the machine was high, she also asked me to go every week to get rod of me as fast as possible
Anyway on that day I got laser burns. Now with an appalling attitude she refuses to show me her qualifications, pay for medical expenses which she offered to do and to either sort out a refund or fix the hair.
I tried to be nice and patient and come to an agreement
Although she admitted that she tested the machine on herself and got burned!
She pretends she is a nurse and beautician
For anyone wishing to get treatments there stay away do not go through the agony I went!
This lady is Chinese, so people know who they talk to

Express smile

Mar 8, 2014

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