Express Moving and Storage / Move by folks hired off of Craig's List

1 245 4th Street Suite 12, Passaic, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-255-3535

Note: This complaint is going to the Better Business Bureau and Angie's list within 30 days of being sent if it is not resolved to my satisfaction. Never mind the broken pieces and damaged furniture - my furniture ended up being delivered by local people - NOT professional movers - who were hired by the driver for Moving Express and Storage off of Craig's List!! I'm sorry that I cannot tell you the driver's name. It's signed on the paperwork, but it's illegible. A man showed up at my door before my furniture got here and said that he was here because of the add on Craig's List. I told him that there must be some mistake - I paid well over $3000.00 for professional movers! He unfortunately was right. He - and his wife - ended up being two of the movers. The much less than professional driver did not move ONE piece of furniture into my condo. Nor did anyone else from Moving Express and Storage.
Additionally, the driver was so unprofessional that -despite the fact that both U.S.A. Moving Group and Express Movers (who he worked for) said that there would be no problem getting an 18 wheeler, less than 170 foot truck into the condo parking lot, and despite the fact that the condo management and maintenance people (one of whom was a licensed 18 wheel driver) assured him that it was done all of the time and even offered to have residents move any vehicles that he was concerned about, and after they gave him direction and told him how it could be done - he REFUSED to bring the truck into the parking lot and held my furniture hostage for an extra $150.00. He then used pick-up trucks of the local people that he hired to haul my things from the larger truck. What a scam!!! I can provide a written note from my resident manager that the moving truck could have been brought in. She tried to convince him to do it. All of this that I have described occurred AFTER my furniture was picked up two days BEFORE it was supposed to be picked up - despite the fact that I have documentation of the supposed pick-up date. It was to be pciked up on August 11th and it was picked up on August 9th. I had to stay up all night and hire someone to help me pack in time. I was told the night before the early pick-up that if I didn't agree to it, who knows when my furniture could be picked up - no guarantee of another time, and for sure, not on the pickup date that I had established with Allan at USA Moving Group. After that, despite the fact that I had a written form that I could not accept the furniture before August 18th (I had to get from PA to NM), I was called five days before August 18th and told that my furniture was in Albuquerque and that it would be delivered the next day!!!
I said that there was no way that I could possibly be there or have the money order ready or have someone else be there (who would not be able to say where to put my things). The caller then asked me what I expected him to do with my furniture. I noted that the contract provided 30 days free storage. He said that the company> Express Moving and STORAGE, had no storage areas in New Mexico. I guess that eventually it was stored, but by the looks of it, he may have left it outside and had a party using it. To add insult to injury, I provided two bungie cords to tie back the doors when the Craig's List folks did there best to deliver my furniture. He stole the bungie cords (worth $6.00), but of course, that was the least of my problems. I sincerely hope that he actually paid the Craig's List folks who did all of the work. I wouldn't bet on it. So, I'd like to be repaid the $150.00 (I paid cash) that he charged unnecessarily since the moving truck could have been parked right in front of my condo door and some additional amount ($200.00 would be acceptable) for the fact that I did not have professional movers - despite the fact that I had contracts with USA Moving Group and Moving Express and Storage, Inc.

Sep 10, 2014

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