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Express Mens / False advertising

1 United States

The Express Mens store in Collin Creek Mall in Plano TX recently had a sign up that if you purchase 3 shirts of a certain brand you would get them for $29.99 each.

I was also advised of this by one of their sales reps on the floor and decided to get 3 shirts.

When I went to check out they did not ring up at the price I had been told.

When the girl turned to another to ask, I walked a few steps over to the area where the shirts were to look at the sign. A younger man walked up behind me as if to look and he said that the sign says buy 3... brand name... and they are $29.99. He looked at me and said that is not for the fitted shirts of this same brand. The sign was right by the fitted ones. When I told him your sign does not specify that fitted shirts are not included. He got extremely rude and said I'M TELLING YOU THAT. He then told me that they hadn't delivered those signs yet. From that moment forward, because I dare question him, everything he said was in a demeaning manner. I then told him that was not good enough for me, and I asked to speak to the mgr. He unfortunately told me he was the mgr. I persisted about the hierarchy of this store and I finally got it out of him he is the "mgr on duty" and that the mgr was not in. I asked him when would the mgr be here and he told me he could not give me that information, that it was private. He then told me she was at a wedding. I said I want to know when she will be in. He got even more rude and I said I want her name. He walked over to the cash register and slammed down his clip board and muttered something under his breath. He did not want to give me the mgr's name, but finally realized that I wasn't going away until he gave me her name. I asked for his name too and he wrote her name down and handed me the paper. I asked him, will she be in Monday and he said yes. I started walking out and realized he conveniently did not put his name on the paper(imagine that). I walked back to him and asked for his name and he told me. I am not sure it was correct; however when I do speak to the mgr I can certainly describe him and the young man (employee who told me the shirts were on sale).

This is one reason I prefer to shop on line for items. The attitude of this person combined with false advertising will keep me Out Of Express Forever!

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