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Express Fashion / Discrimination of employee

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My boyfriend started his job at Express probably four months ago or so. Since then, he has been treated unfairly. Why? Probably because he's not what they consider a poster child for their merchandise. His appearance is not unprofessional at all, because I understand that there are SOME standards to your appearance. He is always neat and cleaned up. They give him little hours, ignore him, punish him for things that other people also do and they go without punishment, etc. Pretty much they just treat him like crap. He's a hard worker and does what he's there to do. But it's basically high school in a retail store. It started from his first day even, and it's still happening with no end in sight. They have not acted professionally, but instead like sixteen year old girls picking on the "uncool" person at school. Since they haven't changed and have continued to behave like this, we're seeking legal action.

Anyway, I was wanting to hear if there are any other horror stories of Express?

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  • Er
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    yeah i only worked for them for a month as a temp second job. was supposed to work "stock" in back room, kept pushing me to the floor. THEN they start punishing your hrs if you don't make some pre-determined sales quota. in other words, everyone is a sales person whether you want to be or not, and if you don't sell, sell, sell, you don't get hours. they don't have dress standards except (when i worked there) no jeans, and doesn't have to be their stuff, just has to kinda look like it (cause of the lawsuit to abercrombie for violating min wage laws by paying little and requiring workers to wear their stuff and buy new stuff each season). in short, wouldn't work for any clothing retailer like that but i like their stuff so i still shop there

  • Ba
      27th of Mar, 2009
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  • Ma
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    i see no evidence of discrimination, so i would be highly surprised if any lawsuit would fly.
    Just being treated poorly by your boss is not discrimination.

  • Ba
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    Apologies to the above comment, lol

    But anyways I TOTALLY agree, Express has got to be the WORST place to work. They are so immature and childish and they act like their clothes are like freaking gucci or something, but in reality THEIR CHEAP AND OVER-PRICED AND THEY FALL APART AFTER A COUPLE TIMES OF WEAR! I started working there last year, and at first I liked it, then they started bossing me around like I was nothing, I constantly bent over backwards for this place, like If I was off and had plans for the day and they called me saying they needed me, I cancelled my plans to run to them and bust my ### for their crappy pay. They treated me so unfairly, and would constantly treat me like I was beneath them. I busted my butt there, constantly working to get them their precious little credit cards (that you get NOTHING from getting, you just get the managers their praise and an award, but you the associate get squat!) The Express that I worked at was so freaking un-organized, and they were constantly in the hole with money, so they said thats why couldnt give out alot of hours, but then they turn around and hire a bunch of people. it makes NO sense. Your forced to wear these stupid walkies the entire time of your shift, well all you get to do is listen to the CSL's ### and moan and scream at you, WERE DOWN ON THE SEGMENT, SELL, SELL, SELL!

    Not to mention their "sell techniques" are so bogus, basically if a customer walks in your supposed to stalk them the entire time your there, checking back with them every 2 minutes, now like most customers, people like to shop on their own and when they need help they'll ask, not freaking be asked every 2 minutes if their finding everything alright. Were supposed to make sure they never leave ampty handed, so we have to tell them things look good on them(even when they dont) and force them into buying more merchandise.

    Dont even get me started on the whole "Express Credit Card" thats another one of their fantastic selling techniques, basically in a nutshell, just force a customer into getting a card, no matter what they said, if they say No 3 times, who cares, push it some more, maybe one day when someone gets really mad and reports this bogus behavior to corporate maybe they'll stop. IF PEOPLE WANT TO OPEN A CARD, THEY WILL! FORCING PEOPLE INTO DOING SOMETHING WILL NOT BRING BACK A CUSTOMER, THEIR JUST GONNA THINK YOUR ANNOYING.

    But to sum it up, Im babbling, I just hate this stupid company. but to anyone trying to work there, DONT, its not worth it, you get crappy pay, crappy hours, and pretty much all express employees are stuck up little [censored]es.

  • Re
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    your mother is a stuck up ###ing ### .. ur just ###ing mad cause you can keep up with us. express isnt for everyone.. as for me i get 40 plus hours as an associate and i get pretty decent pay.. i open cards easily and i sell my ### off with no complaints as far as highschool.. i beg to differ me and my managers EVEN MANAGERS AT OTHER STORES have a good relationship work is work and play is play you guys come to the job and wanna make BFF's NEWSFLASH this is work not BAYSIDE ###ING HIGH

  • St
      28th of Apr, 2010
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    For sure Express hires some idiots to run their stores. The mangage of the Messilla Valley store in Las Cruces, NM has not only brought her child and his friend to work but asked sales associates to watch the store alone so she could feed the kids. She is currently firing all white employess whom she calls "WHITIOS" and "WHITIAS" and replacing them with hispanic people. I am sure the district manager who adores this idiot could care less as long as the credit card quota is met.

  • La
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    "The Express that I worked at was so freaking un-organized, and they were constantly in the hole with money, so they said thats why couldnt give out alot of hours, but then they turn around and hire a bunch of people. it makes NO sense." - BabyMouse

    Yes I totally agree with you! The Express I used to work at is the same thing. They haven't scheduled me for months and then when i talked to them about it, they gave me the same excuses, "We don't have enough hours." Well if you don't have enough hours then stop hiring new people all the time!! It's so stupid! But, I also feel like the manager is singling me out because I have a disability. But despite my disability, I'm a hard worker. I busted my ### off when I'm called in to work. Instead of lounging around like most of my co-workers, I get the job I'm assigned to do finish. However, my other co-workers at least get some hours out of a month, but I got none. The last time I talked to the manager she was like, "We fire a lot of people, but also hired a lot." Well, if you aren't going to give me hours for this long already, then why don't you fire me with the bunch too? It's like they can't fire me because it would give them a bad image or seem like discriminating, because I'm the only one there with a disability, so they're treating me this way in order to make me quit on my own.

    Good to those that work in an Express store with good managers, but the one I worked at, not so much.

  • 00
      30th of Mar, 2017
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    I felt wronged by employee because he sweet talked me onto coming in earlier for a shift. He was complimenting me then I asked what does he want. He then asked me to come in earlier than my original shift. This is someone in charge who cannot act professionally on a phone call I felt uncomfortable and so did my boyfriend who was sitting right next to me at breakfast.

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