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Ajay Sharma contacted me and sold me a website design for $600 and promised supply in 10 days. He took $350 upfront.
After 1 month there was still big issues and changes required but Ajay convinced me he needed the balance to hit his monthly target which incidentally finished on the 14th??? Some days later I still required the changes to be made but I was then handed over to Anjali to deal with my account.
Over the next moth she promised changes had been made so I kept checking to find nothing was done.
Now some 12 weeks later I still do not have a website even though I had to buy extra services (control panel) so I could edit the site and send the changes in word format back to them to be up;loaded..
Still nothing and no communication for 7 days.
I have now raised a dispute with MasterCard and hope to have a full refund ASAP
What an incredible waste of time and I only wish I had checked the company first as most of the complaints here are the same as mine.

Jan 21, 2015

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