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This serves as warning to NEVER do business with Expert Team Management in Cape Coral. Back in 2011 My wife and I needed rental. We searched craigslist and found a nice house with pool for $800 a month. We were desperate and we took this house offered by Mark Everson. This home is owned By Charles Samuelson in Connecticut.

There were many problems with the house mainly Hurricane Charlie tore the roof off in 2005. All of the insulation in the ceiling was blown away. Rather than fix it it correctly they just left it out. As you can imagine when it got hot mid day. I called and complained the house was 81 degrees inside during the day. Our electric bill skyrocketed out of the stratosphere.They did fix it, but it took a while. Oh and supposedly they are charging me for the algae on the siding. These jerks are a class act. YOU”LL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT. I mean if he gave it back or even a portion of it I would be happy. The walls in this house weren’t freshly painted. There were toilet leaks, there were leaks under the sinks. Remember I told you all this. I will be posting more information such as all of the trouble calls which I had to have fixed for things that weren’t working in this house. One that comes to mind is leaky connection under the sink. It warped the bottom of the vanity. Then I was charged for it when it clearly wasn’t my fault.

We were excellent tenants. We paid on time every month. We didn’t have police called on us. We didn’t destroy the house. We maintained the Pool. But do you think any of that matters? Hell no. Mark claims My Registered Nurse wife and I destroyed the house and that was his justification for keeping my WHOLE security deposit. I am sure he victimized other families here in Cape Coral. Enter Meghan Physher, she started working for expert team management long after we were already there. She didn’t know the condition of this house. Yet she was able to point out all the damages WE supposedly caused. She is as BAD as Mark. As you can imagine I called the staff on a Saturday morning to discuss my discord with their reprehensible behavior in keeping my money. They told me to take them to court and by god I will.

Expert Team Property Management

Jul 16, 2016
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  • Me
      Aug 04, 2016

    you have been provided with before and after pictures of this property. It was made very clear on the damages and filth you have left at move out. There is no need to bash Expert Team due to your lack of maintaining the property. We had no other choice than to use your security deposit to correct damages you caused.

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  • Me
      Aug 04, 2016

    Just in case you forgot the condition you left it in... Too bad the pictures can't show the strong pet urine through-out.

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